New Beginnings at Waverly offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Waverly, MN

New Beginnings at Waverly is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at New Beginnings at Waverly , you may contact their Waverly offices via phone at 800-487-8758.

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Scott Paul

2019-09-07 04:23:42 via Google

New Beginnings saved my life over 16 years ago. It was the foundation to showing me a way of living that has been beyond my wildest dreams. Through the years my dream has been to go back and work as a counselor. That dream has come true and I have been with New Beginnings as a primary counselor for many years. The work atmosphere is fantastic and I get to work with a team of professionals the go beyond each and every day. I personally get to see people rebuild their lives everyday for which it is an absolute Joy. I have read some of the bad reviews on here and I have to sit back and breathe as I know the whole story and many of these cases. Obviously the whole story isn't being told. There are many times when I have watched some of the past patients screaming, yelling and being highly aggressive with a mostly female staff there. When this happens I think to myself how unfortunate it is they don't realize how much the staff is trying to help them despite the level of aggression they are faced with. I suspect some of these comments that are negative are from people that were held accountable for negative behaviors, using or smuggling drugs into the treatment center, or just not being ready to give up their self-destructive lifestyle. That being the case, I wish them peace and serenity in their lives. I also encourage them to take accountability for their part and not play the blame game. Again, I can't say enough about the level of care that the staff provide to the patients. It is unfortunate some people need to go out of their way whether a past patient or staff and post public comments that speak negatively of this place. When you do that, that speaks volumes about your character

kristin smith

2019-06-12 22:46:18 via Google

I felt compelled to review as I went through New Beginnings, and am still involved/active in the program. I have seven years clean. All of these negative comments are things that take place at just about any treatment center a person can attend. And some of them are random incidents. The staff here goes above and beyond to help patients in all areas while they are there. I have never in my life seen the displays of care and concern that this facility offers, at any other place. The staff AND the patients continuously come together to help others in the program who may be struggling. If you came through New Beginnings and had a terrible experience, maybe you should take a look at your part. The staff should not have to put more effort into your getting better, than you do-BUT THEY DO anyway! I would recommend New Beginnings (Meridian Behavioral Health) to anyone I cared about-or don't care about. The staff, the counselors, the view, the variety of groups, the activities, the environment, family participation group, the food, the encouragement, the support, the resources,THE STEAK FRY, and the location. WHAT else is there??

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