Margarets House offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Saint Paul, MN

Margarets House is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Margarets House , you may contact their Saint Paul offices via phone at 651-686-0518.

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Jordan Tucker

2019-04-30 03:44:56 via Google

I absolutely loved this place!! The staff was absolutely amazing, the director is awesome. I am now 60 days sober and I could not have done it without Margaret's House. You get plenty of smoke breaks, the counselor, Mara, is amazing (!!!!) and you really make real connections with the people you are staying with because it is such a nice, small home Completely recommend to anyone that is looking for treatment!

Melissa W

2018-06-21 21:57:04 via Google

Margaret's House was an overall good experience. The house is quaint. Classrooms small. Counclers are tough, but you're not there to be babied. You're there to learn and get honest feedback. The food is AMAZING. Lou was the cook when I went. Not only is she an awesome cook but she is wise and thoughtful with advice. If I ever needed to go to treatment, I'd go there in a heartbeat. 30 days well spent.

Kim B

2019-08-25 15:18:00 via Google

I went to Margaret's House on August 23rd. 2016. I will be celebrating getting my life back 2 years sober in a couple days. I learned so much about myself and how to cope with life one day at a time. Best food ever. Peacefull setting. Lot's of hard work, no slack and now I appreciate that. Thank you to the staff that pushed me to love myself enough to know I am worthy and deserve a sober life. I am getting my 3 year coin today. I did it. Thank you ALL for getting me through the hard part.

Bridget Gibb

2017-11-30 15:28:43 via Google

This place is FANTASTIC. I didn’t want to leave. I learned SO much about myself!! Kate was my counselor and I love her to pieces. She is tough at times but believe me it’s exactly what you need. She teaches with her heart and genuinely wants to help you get better, and it shows through her teaching. The horse experience was so awesome. I never knew horses were so therapeutic!!! Such an amazing experience! Lou and Barb the cooks are indescribable. Every single meal feels like you were at home with your mom cooking the best thing she can cook every single day!! There is church on Sundays and I really did like the church! If you did not go to church you stay back and do homework. There are nine cigarette breaks in a day so don’t worry you still get to smoke but it’s outside and I believe it’s a 10 minute break every time so you get to smoke two cigarettes :). You go to three AA meetings every week and I was really scared in the beginning but it ended up to be one of my favorite things to do!! Thank you so much Margaret’s house you saved my life! Just remember if they are hard on you, you need it! You will be thankful in the end!

Katie Heller

2016-05-15 14:27:59 via Google

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