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Gables offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Rochester, MN

Gables is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Gables , you may contact their Rochester offices via phone at 507-282-2500.

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Sue Stone

2019-10-07 18:48:24 via Google

This place is everything I ever needed and Andrea was a director there and also my counselor a short time tough as nails but knew her stuff and she genuinely cared and knew about addiction.Haley is amazing counselor and taught me alot and had faith in me. I will forever be grateful to the Gables. The wonen I met there to this day we still support each other. If it's not tough you're not doing the work. The home is beautiful and the chef was amazing and staff. They are tough because they need to be so we don't manipulate them. They gave me my life back and self worth. Forever grateful and God bless the Gables!! 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤💪

Ilsarstom Sadakaria

2013-11-22 10:07:08 via Google

I was a client here and I was horrible and hated every minute and disagreed with everything....however I learned things while I was there and I have to say.... I hated it which today tells me that it was the BEST PLACE FOR ME TO BE!~ I also now agree with 110% of the ridiculous little things I didn't think were relevant to anything. I am 17 months clean and I would like to say thank you to Christine who was an intern there when I was there. I thought she hated me and had it out for me because she was short, to the point, and direct and now I realize she saw thru me. I was given the opportunity to leave treatment and I believe relocate to another facility because I was searching very hard for a reason to get them in trouble reason to have them be wrong about me. I stayed another week before the county decided they spent enough on someone who didn’t want to be there and I was discharged against medical advice but my judge had to accept it. I was so sick I thought I had won the war. I didn’t realize that the county wasn’t going to invest money in someone they think is beyond help which means eventual death for me. Christine took the time to talk to me then about what my choice said to her and she gave me encouraging words and I won’t ever forget her and how just the presence of who she was caused me to search for a way to be like her. She was around my age but she had serenity and peace in life around her and within herself.She knew and accepted herself. She was working and helping others and one of my inspirations and role models. -Thanks Christine if you ever see this. Katie R. Penny and Heidi- I will never forget you either! Your spectacular I was one of hundreds you had you were two women that were there when I began this journey in 2008.

Joyce Perrie

2014-12-15 09:37:47 via Google

An excellent Recovery Program that saved my life! Graduation date Sept.12th 2005

Mollie boggan

2015-06-26 03:02:56 via Google

They have been absolutely wonderful for my daughter

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