HCMC Addiction Medicine Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Minneapolis, MN

HCMC Addiction Medicine Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at HCMC Addiction Medicine Program , you may contact their Minneapolis offices via phone at 612-873-5500.

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Tanya Boettcher

2017-05-02 19:53:04 via Google

This program saved our lives! I'm not going to lie, there are a lot of people in the program who aren't ready to change, but we're not there for them. And I also know there are ALOT of people out there who don't understand Methedone-who don't want to understand, they would rather just be judgementle, discriminatory or prejudiced about it. (If they would just take the time to learn about it), they would see that it is a good thing-for those who do not abuse it and use it for what it it intended to be used for. To help those who have an OPIODES addiction, spending most of their time, money -waking hours to find Opioids to get/stay well. Those people like myself and my husband. Husband: was 35yrs in addiction and myself: 23yrs. After starting the Program, 5-6 mo.later, WE, TOGETHER as a couple, were finally changing; cleaning up our lives/lifestyles, thoughts & behaviors. It wasn't just for our daughter-it was for US. We're proud of ourselves-(honestly, we didn't think we'd EVER be able to not use or to stay clean), and it feels good to know our families are proud of us too! (And can trust us again!) It's been nearly 3yrs & our 15yr old daughter hasn't been around any drugs. I can proudly say (& a guarantee) that she will never have to deal with that lifestyle again as long as she's under our roof. And thankfully she has/is learning from our mistakes. It's still not easy, but it's getting EASIER. If it wasn't for THIS PROGRAM, we'd probably be homeless, maybe childless, in jail or even dead. Thank you for giving us the chance to live again.

Melvina Maldonado

2016-09-16 16:05:25 via Google

If it wasn't for this program who knows what would become of me.

Nicholas Hansen

2015-12-29 13:19:27 via Google

Helps keep me clean

Dan Burgdorf

2018-11-20 11:10:37 via Google

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