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Child and Family Charities offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Lansing, MI

Child and Family Charities is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Child and Family Charities , you may contact their Lansing offices via phone at 517-882-4000 x123.

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Kat Aldrich

2019-07-18 11:32:54 via Google

Everyone here has always treated my kids and I with kindness and respect. They have the difficult job of not just providing counseling services, but also foster care. The therapists on staff are caring and supportive, and they have helped my kids a lot.

James Fogarty

2019-09-27 00:42:56 via Google

Gr6et agency to get involved with for foster care. They care about the foster kids, foster parents, and the families of foster kids. They go the extra mile to make you feel safe and comfortable.

Marta August

2019-09-09 00:41:57 via Google

It was great to help with the back to school prep.

Bill Frysinger

2017-11-02 17:32:41 via Google

What a great organization! The various divisions of CFC cover a wide range of children's needs in mid-Michigan. The staff and management are extremely dedicated to the mission, and work cooperatively and efficiently to bring much needed services to our future generation. As a board member I am thoroughly impressed with the effort and positive attitude that went into last year's strategic planning process, and I'm now seeing it implemented enthusiastically. As part of the strategic planning process the agency asked community stakeholders of all kinds to evaluate the agency and how it provides services. The reports were glowing. How can they approve? Do more of what they are doing.

Bee Hive

2019-08-24 20:40:29 via Google

It's therapy time

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