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MISHA House LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Baltimore, MD

MISHA House LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at MISHA House LLC , you may contact their Baltimore offices via phone at 443-708-3054.

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Destiny Jones

2019-03-04 16:41:11 via Google

If you want an unsempayhetic networking system that belittle you instead of finding productive ways to find stable sobriety, this place is perfect for you. The 5 stars are for how well they judge you for having problems instead of finding resources. You communicate your struggles, you cannot trust that the feedback will be helpful. (Not the entire staff but more than half including the owner) does not follow HIPPA. They gossip about your issues and when it's time for IOP, they judge and belittle instead of educating and inspiring. They think giving you 4-5 meetings a day is productive towards sobriety but does not give you other options to gain sobriety.This program has an issue with workers constantly gossiping and being able to work with addicts. This gives them room to shame and talk down to the very people who need it. The owner of this rehab facility is for profit. She believes that breaking a person helps them grow. Ms. Monica is to busy thinking her way is the only way that works when it has failed many people. They leave this facility wondering why they have low self esteem and still wanting to use. Find a facility that takes empathy and care for others seriously. If the workers do not respect you, do not give them your money. If you find someone gossiping about your issues, contact HR and give them the name of said facility. It's time to remove useless rehabs who take your money with one hand then judge and belittle with the other. If you want to find sobriety, educate yourself and find resources that are not for profit. The reviews you see before me are no longer apart of the Misha house family. Why? because Misha house failed them. Do not give your issues to someone who makes you feel like you owe them something and that you have to say good things to.

Marie Jinanwa

2018-06-10 22:23:53 via Google

A great place for men and women struggling with addiction.,,

Ryan Sutton

2018-06-18 16:05:38 via Google

If your sick and tired of being sick and tired, try Misha House, I was the lowest bottom feeder and bum in West Baltimore I found Misha and I have become a man again, in ALL aspects!!!

Wanda White

2018-06-07 21:20:48 via Google

Are great

tekia bradley

2019-09-25 02:33:49 via Google

Sorry, No Reviews Yet.

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