Northern Parkway Trt Servs Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Baltimore, MD

Northern Parkway Trt Servs Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Northern Parkway Trt Servs Inc , you may contact their Baltimore offices via phone at 443-475-0737.

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Jeremy Hewitt

2019-08-04 14:21:15 via Google

This is a MAT program that offers the standard options for assisted treatment (bupe or methadone). Overall, this facility does it's job well, albeit some issues here and there. Intake days are Tuesday and Thursday, and the doctor usually arrives around six. (That being said, it would serve to your benefit to get there at opening and get yourself in the queue ASAP) DO NOT SHOW UP UNDER THE INFLUENCE! Other things worth mentioning, You are required to see a counselor every two weeks for fifteen minutes. That being said, there are no appointments and you cannot schedule ahead more that knowing what your next meeting date is, so plan accordingly. You will be required to take a random urinalysis at least once a month. IF, you are doing the right things you can pretty quickly earn 'take-homes,' saving you trips and essentially rewarding and motivating you forward. THEY ARE NOT LENIENT ON ILLICIT USE OF ALCOHOL, OR BENZOs. YOU WILL GET BREATHALYZED. YOU WILL HOLD UP THE LINE FOR EVERYONE ELSE. It's just not a good look so try to utilize the help given. This should at least help you get into the door, and start you on your way.

Brooke Faller

2018-05-22 14:11:25 via Google

For the most part its a decent program

Maria Crystal

2019-07-08 19:16:57 via Google

I think this is a good place, very professional, helpful with lots of resources for you if you need more support. Of course some times you have to wait but that's the norm at any type of busy clinic such as this one, just like if you go to a doctors office, you have to wait sometimes, the wait here tho ,in my opinion, is not as bad as other places I've been. I've only ever experienced kindness and help from the staff here especially from Sheryl up front and in my experience, the counselors have went out of their way to help me and really care if I'm ok or not.


2017-10-04 10:56:25 via Google

Ive been coming here for about 2 years now and am on level 13. I get two weeks worth of take homes at a time which is amazing. The place is pretty clean and everyone is usually pretty nice but ppl do have their off days. If you are staying clean and doing the right things then theres no reason for u to dislike this clinic. The Dr. Will tell you how it is and do his best to keeo you moving forward instead of just standing still. All in all great program if your doing it for the right reasons.

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