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Caring Choices offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Pineville, LA

Caring Choices is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Caring Choices , you may contact their Pineville offices via phone at 318-484-6850.

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Angelia Bennett Williams

2018-12-21 09:15:10 via Google

I received mental health counseling and psychiatric medication for many years with this agency. They were wonderful about teaching me coping skills, ways to handle my anger and depression without illegal drugs and help in parenting my children. I would not have made it without them. Thank you Caring Choices. If you are having psych issues, please see Caring Choices for help.

Cheryl Dubois

2018-07-06 14:43:12 via Google

Central Louisiana Human Services District provides outpatient mental health services and addiction services for children and adults directly at our four Caring Choices Clinics in Pineville, Leesville, Marksville, and Jonesville. This includes outpatient counseling (individual or group therapy) and medication management as well as testing for HIV and TB. CLHSD accepts most insurance plans (Medicaid, Medicare, BCBS, Humana, etc.) and still provides services to clients who have no insurance or cannot afford to pay for services based upon their income.

Kenya Sasser

2017-06-16 12:54:13 via Google

Laurie Mullins

2019-06-07 21:43:31 via Google

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