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New Beginnings Add Recovery Ctr offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Opelousas, LA

New Beginnings Add Recovery Ctr is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at New Beginnings Add Recovery Ctr , you may contact their Opelousas offices via phone at 337-942-1171.

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Hallie Broome

2019-02-28 15:59:14 via Google

I attended this rehab and got out a week ago. Most of the staff really cares except for a select few which you just have to learn to deal with. I met my life long best friend here and I'm coming up on 2 months sober. This place changed my life after being forcefully brought there. I came in wanting to return to my old ways, and came out a faithful believer in God and wanting to turn my life around and for that I am forever grateful. The staff there really cares and the counselors are especially great! I know mine helped me a lot and planted a seed of inspiration in me. After treatment I returned home to my wonderful, loving parents and finally got the car I've always been wanting haha. I've been attending AA meetings and my life is completely turned around. I love this place with all my heart and I'll be back in 6 months to share my story.

Amy Vincent

2019-03-06 14:27:47 via Google

One night sitting in the hospital emergency waiting room all alone waiting for an update from the doctor on my 16- year old sons drug use, I finally gave in and realized that I could not help him and bringing him home would not help him. I had to seek professional help to try to save my son. I reached out to New Beginnings and left a message on a Saturday morning. I knew nothing about this place or any other rehab. I quickly received a phone call back. The immediate support my son and I received was outstanding. My son went to New Beginnings with little fight left in him. He was at the point that he didn't care if he lived to see another day. New Beginnings helped my son in more ways than one and continue to remain a HUGE part of his life. He is looking for a part -time job and wanting to finish school. He is attending his AA meetings. He is smiling and laughing again. I can never thank the staff enough for all the support and dedication you have given me and my son. God Bless all of you!

Kelly Middleton

2019-01-30 18:37:54 via Google

No place will be perfect, because you are dealing with out of control kids/teenagers. It would be impossible for the process to be seamless and perfect. The therapists are great and truly care. My daughter gained something positive from this center, and the staff as a whole. She and I both believe it saved her life.

Melissa Hiller Hannah

2018-09-16 17:06:58 via Google

Addiction impacts the entire family and as a parent there is nothing worse than helplessly watching it take over your child. A lifelong friend who works in the field of recovery immediately recommended this facility. From the moment I called New Beginnings I received open and honest and loving feedback and support. I didn’t like everything said to me but that didn’t make it less true. No matter what they have helped my daughter and our entire family heal. I will be forever grateful for their program and their staff

birdy1057 .

2018-06-28 17:29:28 via Google

We are grateful for the help that New Beginnings has given us. The staff communication has been wonderful and understanding. As a parent it's hard to hear some of the stories that your kid tells you about being in rehab. We had to remind ourselves that she wasn't on a vacation at a five star resort, but at a treatment facility with other kids, some worse off than she was, but she was there due to her own actions. She came out with the mindset of staying clean and sober. We are forever grateful. I would absolutely recommend!

Blake J.

2016-08-06 21:51:45 via Yelp

I went here to help with my addictions we the summer of 2015, and it kinda sucked but rehab isn't supposed to be fun, I give it 3-4 stars because there is a...

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