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Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Denham Springs, LA

Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Narconon Louisiana New Life Retreat Inc, you may contact their Denham Springs offices via phone at 225-243-5047.

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Derek Thompson

2019-08-02 21:56:41 via Google

This is a nice rehab that has made me realize all the negative aspects of my life and character. I went through the program and got good results out of the whole process. Each step of the program build on the previous steps. I cleaned my body out, cleared my mind out, and then cleared my conscious. I was headed for a life in jail and had broken trust with my family. The staff here helped me to change myself and also helped me fix the problems i had with my family. They NEVER gave up on me when i had almost given up on myself.

Chelsea Kane

2019-04-24 06:38:03 via Google

Narconon Louisiana saved my life. It truly was the greatest gift i could've ever given myself. When i arrived there November 2017 it was by far the scariest thing i have ever done. My family and i were greeted with warm and genuine smiles. The staff and interns from the start made me feel important and that they truly cared about my well being and my recovery. I not only healed the damage i had done to myself physically and emotionally. I also started to rebuild and mend the broken relationships i had. After i graduated the program i wasn't left on my own. I was and still am to this day allowed to call the staff on my good and bad days. Also my family can do the same thing. I went to Narconon broken lost and filled with darkness. I left there proud of who i am with a family behind me! I am 18 months sober and living my best life! I would HIGHLY recommend if you are a family member is struggling to give the incredible staff and Narconon a call!

Nobel Trump Prize

2019-08-17 15:37:10 via Google

I attended the program in the spring of 2017. Its better than any AA program around but its a little too long. The 3rd stage of the program could be shortened. The staff are brainwashed scientologists but nice well intentioned people. They were very careful to not allow any exposure to scientology related literature during the course of the program. However the underlying principals of the program are based on the beliefs of scientology more than the science. It also comes with a relatvely steep price of 30k but lasts 3 months or longer if need be. The food wasnt bad and the housing was comfortable and in a relaxed environment. They have a decent weight pit and large enough drive circle for people to walk for exercise. If you have the money to spend i would recomend it but i dont recomend borrowing money or taking out a loan to cover the program, esspecially if its a first time treatment. No matter what the program or how much money you spend the rate of relapse is always going to be high. Its not so much the program but the individual who is going to determine when they are ready to leave the old lifestyle in the past.

JoAnn Barton

2018-07-08 22:28:37 via Google

After several inpatient rehab centers and relapses, Narconon Louisiana helped my son transform his life from one of desperation and despair to one of fulfillment and meaning. In coming to his decision to go to the New Life Retreat, compassionate staff spent many hours on the phone with us as we weighed our options, including offering expert advice on executing a transportation plan, and then followed through on every detail imaginable. When he arrived, my son was met by a staff member at the airport and immediately entered safe, medically supervised withdrawal from opioids and multiple other drugs. I was kept closely updated on his progress throughout. The program is intensive and focuses on the underlying issues and traits all addicts share, and therefore addresses the core tendencies, rather than just treating symptoms. It is no exaggeration to say Narconon Louisiana saved my son's life and brought healing to our family. The costs associated with addiction - wrecked cars, drugs to fight off withdrawal, ER visits, incarceration for property crimes, wrecked families, ruined health - these are costs families bear when a loved one is an addict, with no end in sight. It's crucial to weigh those costs against the investment in an effective program that actually delivers lifelong sobriety. I'm deeply and forever grateful to say that I once again have a loving, considerate, contributing son who is a joy to have in my life, which is, of course, priceless. If you or your loved one has tried other rehab centers and you're losing hope there's real help out there, I cannot urge you strongly enough to call Narconon Louisiana - a place of hope and healing.

Sam Hill

2018-11-22 03:14:59 via Google

My brother struggled with addiction for several years and went through many rehabilitation programs, and Narconon was the one that finally got him to where he needed to be. Narconon saved my brothers life and has changed his life in so many beautiful ways, and I am so thankful and grateful that we found it when we did!

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