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Edgefield Recovery Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Cheneyville, LA

Edgefield Recovery Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Edgefield Recovery Center , you may contact their Cheneyville offices via phone at 318-279-2751.

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Jerrod Muttscheler

2019-04-24 08:05:40 via Google

I attended for 30 days. The facility was well kept. It’s a huge plantation house. If you’re an addict struggling with staying sober, I’d recommend this place 1st. The staff is respectable. Some, not all. They have techs there that will power trip, not leaving the advertised “snacks or drinks” out, telling you, you have to wait until morning at 8pm when you were served dinner at 5pm. Not enough time to engage in physical activities. More worried about drama than well-being of the clients there. The counselors do a decent job of targeting your needs. That’s mainly the only complaint I had besides the food sometimes being baked when it didn’t have to be. Meals were mostly good other than that. Good hospitality there and the nurses are phenomenal.

Crystal Noland

2019-01-24 11:03:23 via Google

I had a great time learn alot about myself .. met some great people..

Ashley Jordan

2018-09-21 16:20:01 via Google

I absolutely loved my experience at Edgefield. The grounds were breath taking, the staff were welcoming, the program was empowering. I didn't want to leave.

Jill Fondren

2018-10-25 15:28:03 via Google

I can’t say enough about how grateful I am to ERC! They saved my life. The administration, techs, nurses and all other staff are great people! Is a beautiful place to start our road to recovery. The first few days I just wanted to leave. I miss my children and my home etc. but after that I settled in and really don’t into the program. By the end I was so happy to leave to see my family but also a little sad because you grew bonds with these people. Women… When packing to go to Edgefield you want several pairs of jeans T-shirts, longsleeve shirts and clothes for church on Sunday. You may also want to bring a couple hoodies or jacket because they do keep it rather cold in the group rooms in dorms. I personally wish I had brought a robe but did bring, my own pillows and a blanket. You definitely are going to want pens, paper, envelopes and stamps. Feminine products are most along with more than one bottle of hairspray if you use it shampoo conditioner and soap… Make sure you bring extra! I was able to bring my blow dryer, curling iron and perfume. If you smoke make sure you bring enough for us and just going and buying the material to roll them. It’s so much cheaper. If you have an opportunity make sure you bring some photos and things to hang on your wall to remind you of home. You also will not be able to carry a purse ladies so being that they lock you out of your room from 9:30-4 M-F you may want to bring a clear bag that you can carry your cigarettes, pins, lipstick or Chapstick and whatever else you need to tell around throughout the day. I went from August to September and wished I would’ve brought a case of mosquito spray! Lol.

Steven Scott Snow

2018-04-17 17:24:56 via Google

I attended Edgefield in October 2015 - December 2015 and compared to the 4 other luxury or semi-luxury addiction recovery centers such as Palmetto in Rayville, La, it is second to none. I have personally only heard very few negative reviews of Edgefield and they were idividulas who either didnt finish the program or did not invest themselves and give the program an honest attempt during their stay. The entire staff even including the janitorial workers honestly care and give 100% daily into doing whatever they can in their power to make your stay beyond comfortable and beneficial to your recovery and your stay there. Even after my time there, the staff continues to cater to my specific needs and I am more than thankful for these wonderful folks at Edgefield. Im from central Louisiana so it was great that I was so close to home and family was able to visit and bring me things such as toiletries that I needed. Thanks again Edgefield!

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