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STC Addiction Wellness Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Baton Rouge, LA

STC Addiction Wellness Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at STC Addiction Wellness Center , you may contact their Baton Rouge offices via phone at 225-387-1611.

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jennifer peterson

2018-06-19 23:36:39 via Google

My son is 18 and a client at St Christopher's. He has been there for 70 days and plans on completing their Recovery Home program. I only asked him to go for 30 days, he chose to stay and that in its self spoke volumes to me about the program. I then had the pleasure of attending the family workshops a few weeks ago. I flew all the way from Utah to attend their workshops and feel it was well worth the effort and time! I'd also like to disclose that I work at a top notch treatment center in Utah, so I feel like i am quite critical and spoiled as far as treatment centers go. I LOVED St Christopher's!! The staff was awesome and so helpful in teaching and supporting me and my family. My son had been using for 8 years of his life and he had no idea how to live with who he had become. Since my son couldn't get treated at the facility I work at (its counter productive and unethical) I had to go out on a limb and put my trust in another facility. It was hard to send him 1700 miles away, we had never been apart for more than a week or so. After seeing the treatment structure and the step down phases that STC offered to help cultivate long term recovery, I flew home knowing that my son was in the best of hands. I have nothing but gratitude and faith in St Christopher's!

Bill Maher

2017-09-05 22:35:46 via Google

As an addiction professional this is one of my top picks in the country for yound adult males. The continuum of care from primary through structured step down for extended length's of stay is crucial for these young adults learning how to navigate these deep, turbulent waters of early recovery. The skills building components for 20 somethings is absolutely imperative. They are affordably priced compared to the majority of treatment facilities nationaly. They have have ALWAYS been sensitive to costs with my family's, always. When challenged with some pretty tough feedback from professionals like me they have been responsive and proactive in "fixing" those deficits. EVERY treatment facility screws up now and then, St. Chris's has always been open with their mistakes and quite willing to go the extra mile to fix "it." Bill Maher, CIP, CADC, ACI, BRI II

Sammy Romero

2017-03-24 22:18:23 via Google

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