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Choices of Louisiana LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Alexandria, LA

Choices of Louisiana LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Choices of Louisiana LLC , you may contact their Alexandria offices via phone at 318-445-1250.

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Transitional Services

Katrina Schmidt

2019-04-02 22:34:26 via Google

Gives me stability and helps me with my outlook on life . .

Angie Buelow

2019-03-01 12:22:14 via Google

Always helpful if someone REALLY WANTS to get sober!

Robert Young

2018-08-02 10:08:25 via Google

This place is a god send to people like myself who have not had success with conventional treatments. Despite the misconceptions this place gives me stability & structure. Without it I could not hold down a job, keep a place to live, or be a productive member of our society. I would be on the street breaking into your house and stealing your stuff, dead, or jail. This place is truly a blessing.

Mandy Johnson

2016-02-09 05:56:04 via Google

I've been a patient at Choices of La in Alexandria, La for 5 years. I follow the rules, pass my Drug Tests & pay every week, therefore, No, I haven't had problems & other people wouldn't have issues if they would simply follow the rules & regulations. As for Mrs. Tara, she does her job & she puts up with a lot of rude, inconsiderate people that do not want to pay on their accounts but expect to be dosed. She has bad days just like everyone else, so please THINK before you type a review. Choices has been great for me, & I highly recommend it to other people.

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