Landmark Recovery of Louisville offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Louisville, KY

Landmark Recovery of Louisville is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Landmark Recovery of Louisville , you may contact their Louisville offices via phone at 502-713-7017.

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cody harvey

2019-10-22 12:57:14 via Google

Christian Smith was my discharge planner and really helped me get comfortable with transitioning into sober living. As far as landmark goes it was a great 35 day program that helped me even with rides to court while remaining under there treatment they were very helpful and beneficial I had an overall great time staying there. My only complaint would be that it’s ran like a business more than a rehab when it comes to your insurance causing it to be almost too relaxed and lacking in structure but the food housing and staff was excellent.

Heather Hunter

2019-10-28 16:29:42 via Google

I entered Landmark November 2018, and because of their help I'm still celebrating each day of sobriety. The staff really was warm, helpful, and understanding. My life changed for the better once my eyes were opened. Thank you to all.

Kiley Morgan

2019-10-08 19:36:20 via Google

I love Landmark! The staff are all in recovery and they connect with clients well. They make a real attempt to learn and understand each individual. I would recommend Landmark to people of all ages, it is really a loving and caring community.

Jackson McCraney

2019-10-08 19:55:16 via Google

Staff are dedicated to helping you in every way possible, which is refreshing compared to other treatment centers. Therapists are solid, food is fantastic, and the living conditions are fantastic. I would recommend Landmark to anyone who is wanting to find the first step in regards to recovery from drugs and alcohol!

Ashley Mcauliffe

2019-08-02 22:06:19 via Google

The staff is phenomenal. Most are in long term recovery so they have real life knowledge of the addicts mindset. Through the program, I found an inner strength I did not know I possessed. After 35 days of inpatient, I am now in intensive outpatient. I recommend outpatient for anyone coming out of inpatient. It solidifies the foundation you've built during inpatient.

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