Brook Hospital Dupont offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Louisville, KY

Brook Hospital Dupont is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Brook Hospital Dupont, you may contact their Louisville offices via phone at 502-896-0495.

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Christina Johnson

2019-12-02 14:28:51 via Google

This review is for the pediatric brook hospital in DuPont. I have two boys who have been in and out of every psychiatric hospital in Louisville (and one terrible one in Indiana.) They have been to these place since they were 5-6 until now (8-10) because of mobile assessments being requested from their schools (because JCPS can’t seem to teach special needs children without psychiatric intervention.) This is the ONLY hospital I will agree to send them back to. The second best hospital was Our Lady Of Peace, but it still doesn’t come close to this one. At this hospital, we met with the entire care team, including the doctors, once a week. This is huge, because every other hospital I’ve been to, I have never been “allowed” to even speak to the doctor treating my child (they were always too busy to speak with the lowly parents.) I would usually only be allowed to meet with the social worker once a week. The brook’s doctor and care team seemed really interested in my children and very clearly just wanted the best outcome for them. They were not too quick to put them on some kind of sedative or medication. By comparison, a hospital in Indiana called me within 5 hours of being admitted to get approval for a heavy tranquilizer on my 8 year old that would cause withdrawals if he ever quit taking it. Another hospital put both boys on exactly the same dose/same sedative medication, even though they have *completely* different behavioral problems and diagnosis. The brook didn’t want to put my sons on just any medication. They waited until they had all of the information and ultimately decided that they didn’t actually need any medication, which I agreed with. This has never happened in any of the five or six other hospitals they have been to. When I would drop things off for my kids-clothes, toys, books, etc. they would get them the very same night or the next day, without fail. Didn’t lose anything! Again, by comparison, the hospital in new Albany kept my sons shoes and sent him home barefoot. We still haven’t gotten those back. They also never gave him the books and stuff that had already been approved-I dropped them off on his second day and during the entire 4 weeks he stayed, they never gave them to him and it was missing half by the time I got the bag back. This never happened when he stayed at the brook-they were very careful with the kid’s comfort items and made sure the kids got them right away or they were returned to me right away if not allowed. I really appreciated this. I would absolutely recommend this hospital to other parents. I know leaving your child in a hospital is absolutely terrifying. I know. This is a great hospital that really put me at ease and made my children comfortable. Hopefully we won’t need to go back, but if we do, I’m confident that my children will be very well taken care of here.

Douglas Neat

2019-09-09 16:05:19 via Google

Amazing place and they saved my life!

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