Healing Place Mens Detox offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Louisville, KY

Healing Place Mens Detox is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Healing Place Mens Detox, you may contact their Louisville offices via phone at 502-568-6680 x526.

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Andre Suston

2019-11-07 15:37:38 via Google

To Langston: Your friend must have just gotten started in the detox portion, because no "program" is 5 days long. If he left it's because he wanted to leave. Before you send anybody anywhere, it might help you (and them) to research it and know exactly how their program works from beginning to end. That way you'll know what to expect, and anyone you send there can't just tell you some bs about "how they did me wrong".

John McGrew

2019-09-06 22:40:23 via Google

Where hope is found... The Mens Healing Place is a wonderful place for anyone, regardless of your "life status situation" to come and learn the essential tools to live a more meaningful, clear, peaceful, productive life. They have definitely helped me. And for that I am truly grateful. Thanks.

Langston Gaither

2019-09-19 01:16:11 via Google

Great looking facility. Horrible program. 5 days is NOT enough to break a person's habit. I took my friend there and he left a day early because they fed him nothing but cake and sugar. He wanted to shake a habit that had a hold on him for several years but because the program was so badly executed, he decided to leave. I believe it can get better with some thought into the program itself. I'll do my part by sending people there who need the help.

Chad Harbin

2019-08-24 14:08:22 via Google

This place has been good to me! I'd recommend to anyone looking to better themselves

Savannah Vickers

2019-09-25 20:13:35 via Google

I'm a peer mentor there and it's been a great experience everyone is so nice

Mike J.

2018-12-31 06:06:39 via Yelp

I'm surprised and also not surprised this hasn't been yelped. In 2010 a very not healthy or happy version of me walked through the doors at 1020 west...

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