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Western KY Medical LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Hopkinsville, KY

Western KY Medical LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Western KY Medical LLC , you may contact their Hopkinsville offices via phone at 270-887-8333.

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Rebeka Schleyer aka SexyTalented

2019-02-15 17:43:36 via Google

Western KY Medical busts their butt to keep their doors open for us Addicts! The Methadone is a LIFESAVER for My Husband and I!!! We both have over 8 YEARS CLEAN AND SOBER!!! SOBRIETY LIFE ROCKS! Methadone has saved our lives! We both were using Heroin and now we are Clean and Sober by the Grace Of God!! Yu can be Clean and Sober Too if Yu too make that choice today to turn your life around and Give Your Life A Chance!!

Angela Pepper

2018-11-12 00:15:09 via Google

It really does help and everyone is extremely nice & seem to care..

Amanda Rickert

2018-04-16 03:45:17 via Google

This clinic is my 6th methadone clinic I've been been a patient at in the 20 years that I've been a heroin addict. The difference for me is my councelor. She is actually trying to help me figure out why I became an addict and fix me! All the other places were happy with me being on methadone forever. In my opinion that's trading one drug for another.

Ariel Word

2018-06-03 14:21:04 via Google

Service is pretty quick here iv been clean 4 years.

Lori Mcguffey

2018-11-19 17:01:09 via Google

It really works, just have to be patient.

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