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Prelude Behavioral Services offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Tipton, IA

Prelude Behavioral Services is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Prelude Behavioral Services , you may contact their Tipton offices via phone at 563-886-3468.

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Alesha Hansen

2019-09-08 23:38:06 via Google

The staff at Prelude are amazing. They make the whole experience comfortable. Each staff member I met listened with genuine interest and tried their best to make the stay as comfortable as possible. The classes actually shed some light on my addiction that I had not considered. The facility was clean and the food was pretty good. I liked that the staff allows the patients to grill and that we could use the kitchen supplies to add our own touch. They really helped me and I have much appreciatioan and gratitude for all the staff.

Roger OBrien

2019-11-15 09:27:09 via Google

They saved my life and helped me get the chance to turn my life around. I will be forever grateful for everything they do.

Clarice Lakota

2019-01-22 20:07:17 via Google

A wonderful facility NOT to be taken for granted... consider yourself lucky, Iowa, that you have this gem in your midst! These people saved me from my own self on more than one occasion (back when it was called MECCA - ‘Mideastern Council on Chemical Abuse’). So, if you’re serious with yourself about getting clean and finding your future, then this is the place for you.

Mk Cz

2019-06-19 00:55:20 via Google

Prelude provides services to help those with addictions; primarily substance use but also gambling, etc. They do not provide general behavioral services, as advertised. It's one of the only local options for outpatient and residential substance use treatment.


2019-05-30 15:14:08 via Google

Staff is very helpful. I am greatful for everything I have learned from them. Highly recommend if you struggle with addiction of any kind they can help.

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