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UCS Healthcare offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Des Moines, IA

UCS Healthcare is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at UCS Healthcare , you may contact their Des Moines offices via phone at 515-280-3860.

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Brandy michelle doyle Richardson

2018-12-28 15:21:04 via Google

I've been a client for several months now and the best thing about ucs is its flexible hours.


2019-01-17 13:05:55 via Google

I decided to change my total review or opinions that I had of UCS. I was being negative about a place that has shown me LOVE,SUPPORT AND MUCH MORE since I found myself at their doorstep years ago. This place may be run as a Government facility but the money they receive does really Help them Help others! I have seen ALOT of good things and bad things happen at this place,but overall I really support what they are doing for people that need help and support when all other options have failed them.If all other options have not worked for you,than this is a place that can either make or break you. It's up to the individual to decide where they will end up ultimately. I hope this sends a better message than my previous comments.

April Hogg

2018-05-24 14:04:55 via Google

Love the staff they are the most caring and non-judgemental clinic that I have ever been to. Also the staff is very friendly and nice to my kids they remember their names and always have a treat for them🙂 Also we see Dr Joe (Freund) as our family doctor and he is awesome he is really good with kids always makes them laugh we live him and his nurse Lee. They always get us in even last minute if we need to be seen.

Brent Varney

2019-05-23 22:57:45 via Google

First off i like to thank the ucs staff. I like to say thanks to Gabby and Hope. In the back, both ladies are great at their job. Friendly, both caring. Like to say thanks to nurse Danielle.. She very good at her job, has a ot of patient for what she deals with everyday. Say thanks to Corey, Candice and Denise and all the pharmacy department. Everyone of them very professional bat their job and vwry nice. The ladies at the front A+ Rebecca leads the way. She a very special person. Last all counselors, Kim, Adrian, and others.. If your looking for a professional place to restart your life. UCS would be a great first start. The place is clean, professional. Plus at most it only takes 15 min to get your dose. Average 5 min to dose, depends on time of day. Ive been with the clinic for 5 years. Unfortunately i need go back home. Give ucs a try. Thanks Brent Varney

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