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Center for Behavioral Health Iowa Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Davenport, IA

Center for Behavioral Health Iowa Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Center for Behavioral Health Iowa Inc , you may contact their Davenport offices via phone at 563-388-8000.

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Haley *

2019-04-11 00:14:08 via Google

I have been a client here for 5 years on May 18th,2019. This clinic has had a huge part in saving my life and making it a wonderful life!! The counselors are fantastic. Its the most affordable treatment I have ever found and the only treatment that worked!! They are now accepting Iowa medicaid. They do have a strict policy regarding benzodiazepines because taking benzodiazepines while on methadone can and will KILL you with the wrong dosage. These policies are used to protect the client.The CBH never EVER contacts any of your Dr.'s unless you are prescribed an opioid or a benzodiazepine and you MUST sign a medical information release. CBH also offers many other services such as vivitrol and Suboxone. They offer free condoms and STD testing. They have a class available for you to take where you can learn how to properly administer Naloxone and help a person through an overdose. The Naloxone is provided for free. The Centers for Behavioral Health is a very valuable asset to our community. If you need help...they will help you!

Carrie lambert

2018-04-19 17:05:57 via Google

This place gives people a second chance at life and the staff are all so wonderful ❣️

Lindsay Faust

2018-02-22 20:25:21 via Google

It's a place to get professional help and support you may need in developing coping skills with learning a new way of living clean and healthy

Bursterz Burk

2019-02-26 17:31:51 via Google

Can get methadone 6 days a week

Richelle Humphreys

2018-04-09 13:27:08 via Google

It has helped me get off of pain pills/heroin and to function living a sober.

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