Addiction/Behavioral Csl Servs offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Merrillville, IN

Addiction/Behavioral Csl Servs is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Addiction/Behavioral Csl Servs , you may contact their Merrillville offices via phone at 219-756-3791.

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Carly Gaspich

2019-09-20 18:37:36 via Google

I have had my ENTIRE C SPINE FUSED TOGETHER... partial was.from birth...I was on 6 percocet 10s a day...after 3 months my neurologist had to send me BACK to pain management. This quack pm "Dr" felt it was SUFFICIENT to cut me from 6 10s a day to 2 .5 percs a was a JOKE. SO DONT USE DR. SHETTY...BY THE GRACE OF GOD I FOUND DR. ZATO!!! HE IS THE MOST AMAZING UNDERSTANDING AND ANTI PAIN MANAGEMENT!!! NOT ONLY IS HE AN ORTHOPEDIC DOCTOR BUT HES PRACTICES EASTERN MED TOO...I LOVE EVERYONE AT THE OFFICE!!! LISA IS AMAZING!!! I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS...JUST CALL HIM ...IF YOU NEED HELP.!!!

tess barnes

2019-04-30 22:32:15 via Google

Dr. William Zato is a good doctor, he’s kind, compassionate, he actually listens and cares .

Neil Fruit

2017-06-30 08:50:39 via Google

I greatly appreciate the purpose and the program of this restaurant. I was there for a breakfast meeting. They have a breakfast buffet and the food was good but not great. The service was likewise good but not great. The real disappointment was that several of the items that were supposed to be in the buffet were not ready. We were admittedly the first ones in the restaurant but some of the items still weren't ready by the time we left.

Sharon Pressley

2019-10-21 19:18:18 via Google

Tracy Noorlag

2018-01-27 03:26:11 via Google

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