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Heartland Recovery Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Lowell, IN

Heartland Recovery Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Heartland Recovery Center , you may contact their Lowell offices via phone at 219-690-7025.

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Joshua Reeder

2019-08-27 12:54:16 via Google

I go to the behavioral health side of Heartland. Tim is amazing. He helped me learn to minimize my problems in a great and healthy way. I explored things that I never thought could cause anger/stress, and he gave me the tools to help cope and minimize these problems. Without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today, I probably wouldn’t have even made it through high school. Also, Dr. Hubert is a great individual as well. She is very knowledgeable and helpful, and some of her tips really helped me to relax my anxiety.

Dave Bartlett

2017-05-31 17:04:46 via Google

Simply put - this is an amazing place. Heartland's approach to addiction treatment is innovative, unique and geared towards truly helping individuals battle addiction in the modern world. Their campus is beautiful and welcoming and you're met with a sense of peace when you walk through the front door. The entire staff works incredibly hard at fostering a safe compassionate culture that helps their clients begin to heal and ultimately thrive. I can't say enough good things about this facility and the Heartland team. Call them if you're struggling - it's worth it!

Dustin Bellinger

2017-10-03 19:02:28 via Google

I absolutely love Heartland! I can't recommend it enough! The staff is amazing, and actually and genuinely care. I went to heartland in March of this year in the php program then after 5 weeks stepped down to the op program. Even now I still go for follow ups, and if ever I need to talk to anyone, they are always there. 7 months clean today and I owe it to the tools Heartland gave me. I love everyone on that staff, and can never possibly thank them enough. Especially my counselor. She's awesome! Hell, they ALL are!

Amie Floyd

2017-05-31 17:36:32 via Google

This place is amazing. Truly gives people the help that they need. The staff Works diligently to make sure that the best options possible are found for whoever comes here. When I was going through an issue with my son there was a lady there, Jaime, who treated me like family. I would recommend this place over and over and over again. Thank you Heartland!

Danielle Bellinger

2017-10-03 18:51:49 via Google

My husband went to Heartland for a 20 year opiate addiction. Now we are sitting at over 7 months clean time. I think the biggest thing for me was when I walked through those doors into Heartland I felt a mass amount of shame, my anxiety was through the roof. There were amazing people there who comforted me, I felt absolutely no judgement, only peace & help. They not only made my husband a priority & his treatment but our family healing as well. I can't thank them enough for being exactly what we needed. I am a strong advocate for Heartland as they offer so many tools for both the addicted & the family to find peace & recovery. The follow up after care & continued open doors is a breath of fresh air. They are always there when we need them. Heartland truly is DIFFERENT from every other treatment facility & it WILL work for you if you work it. There is no such thing as a "cure" or a "miracle" but if you want recovery for you & your family, Heartland will certainly help you obtain it.

Beth S.

2020-07-03 16:29:30 via Yelp

Heartland is full of "Heart" when it comes to suffering addicts and alcoholics-they really care! I recommend them to anyone seeking treatment in the nw...

Ariana B.

2019-10-12 08:20:32 via Yelp

Staff truly care about their clients and it shows. They never push anyone away due to financial reasons. Highly recommend.

Ally A.

2018-02-01 11:34:23 via Yelp

Heartland has a great vision for recovery. One size does not fit all. Finding a practicing a unique and individualized recovery path can mean the difference...

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