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Sycamore Springs LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Lafayette, IN

Sycamore Springs LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Sycamore Springs LLC , you may contact their Lafayette offices via phone at 765-743-4400.

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Valerie McGee

2019-06-04 20:06:11 via Google

After my surgical forced menopause that caused my depression/anxiety to heighten my Dr referred me. I didn’t know what to expect. Mental/emotional and addiction patient therapy are held together and only so many to a lead Therapist. The program and everyone was great. By the time I had to leave I didn’t want it to be done. I felt it was helping me so much. They offer several O/P opinion if you qualify. I went 3 days a week for several hours. You don’t get lectured or belittled. Everyone gets to talk about them selves and get what they want out or just listen and it’s advice and comfort from the group not just your lead. If you don’t want feedback just say so. The only down fall I had and it doesn’t happen on a regular, I had several 4 leads and that made it hard. They where just short handed at the time. I have referred to friends and loved ones. I had to wait 4 hours. Really waiting is not your biggest problem if your there. It’s way worth the wait.


2019-10-04 23:24:56 via Google

I was admitting in from St. Francis Hospital here in Indianapolis, Indiana to Lafayette, Indiana for Sycamore Springs. I was in a Transcare ambulance for the 1 hour and 56 minute ride from St. Francis Hospital to Sycamore Springs. We arrived and waited a good 10 minutes in the heat of the day for a nurse to allow us in the facility for my admission process. That began my 5-7 hour journey of the admission process and finally getting a bed after a long day. I was self admitted October 2nd and self discharged October 4th. When I received my bed I was showed around the unit and decided to go to sleep. They are routine based and their schedules change daily - you can pick up a fresh one from the unit nursing pod desk. The staff in general is amazing and understanding. I am 23 weeks pregnant so the paper scrubs did not fit me, I wore the same clothes and undergarments for 3 entire days and came out with a huge body rash. This was the only BAD thing I ran into. The food is great but not bother with the scrambled eggs unless you add ketchup or hot sauce (thanks to the current patients for letting me know this). Unit is clean and comfortable. I felt safe! The wait for anything is always worth it. They are understaffed most days but they truly are all a God sent. Special thanks to Heather, Ann, and my therapist for being such great souls! Make a few friends while inpatient. You'll love this option after you've settled and dealt with the initial self demons.

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