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Valley Professionals Community Health Center (VPCHC) offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Clinton, IN

Valley Professionals Community Health Center (VPCHC) is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Valley Professionals Community Health Center (VPCHC), you may contact their Clinton offices via phone at 765-828-1003.

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Julie Hickman

2019-11-05 23:56:53 via Google

How refreshing to find a team of doctors who really care. I have seen Dr Cundiff, Dr Wernz, and Dr Lonneman. All have been exceptional in their field! None have ever had a wait time longer than 10 minutes. Their staffs are very professional as well. Plenty of time to discuss everything and they are all very caring and want to actually help you get better! So happy - thank you for the great care and attention.

Ashley Carty

2018-10-16 15:04:08 via Google

This place is so awesome compared to my previous doctors office. All the staff members are so sweet and understanding. Today I went to my previous doctors office for an appointment because I had a horrible sore throat and had a hard time swallowing anything. Before I made the appointment, I didn’t realize that my insurance wasn’t valid anymore so when I went into their office they were very rude to me about it. Telling me that my insurance says invalid and that if I want to be seen I have to have a copay and I’ll be sent the remainder in the mail. And if I don’t have a copay that the doctor would still agree to see me but it’s going to cost me more later on. I had no clue that my insurance was out let alone having money for a big copay. I left the doctors office and my friend took me over to Valley Professionals where she gets seen. I didn’t have much hope for being treated decently because of the experience I just had with my previous doctor about my insurance. But the people at Valley are so kind hearted. They actually helped me on my next step to getting my insurance back, told me everything I needed to do to become a patient with them, and set me up with a new patient appointment with one of their doctors. Instead of focusing more on making sure that I had insurance or a copay to give them, they were more focused on my health condition and making sure that I’m all taken care of. They are like a big family in there. They’re very comforting and assuring. Absolutely love this place and can’t wait to become a part of their patient family.💕

Peter Okeeffe

2019-09-17 21:12:16 via Google


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