Parkdale Center for Professionals offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Chesterton, IN

Parkdale Center for Professionals is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Parkdale Center for Professionals , you may contact their Chesterton offices via phone at 888-883-8433.

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Scott Geans

2019-07-19 20:12:21 via Google

Excellent leadership team and caring staff. Beautiful setting!

Tom Berger Jr.

2019-07-19 20:21:12 via Google

Absolutely gorgeous facility with staff that know how to manage healthcare professionals to a T.

Robert Key

2017-03-29 17:48:34 via Google

Parkdale Center for Professionals assisted me in turning my life around from it's lowest point. From the staff to the facility my recovery experience was Awesome!! They gave me hope when I had none and taught me the skills necessary to live a productive sober life. I was so influenced by the GOOD Parkdale Center is doing I decided to go back to school to become a Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor so I too may assist individuals in restoring their well-being. I would definitely recommend Parkdale Center to any Professional struggling with Substance Use Disorder.

Matt E

2017-04-05 23:04:56 via Google

Parkdale gave me the single best gift I was given in life. Not only did the staff all relate to my situation on a basis of related experiences but they also showed compassion for those suffering from this disease along with comforting my family all the same. From reassurance to my wife and children when we arrived, to helping my legal and occupational hurdles helping get me back to work months later, Parkdale was instrumental in me being happy again. I now love my family, career, and life more than I ever could've imagined. Today I live a life I never could've had with addiction constantly looming over my shoulder.

dan Scubaman

2017-12-14 16:43:30 via Google

Background: Healthcare provider, 29 year old male. Making a decision to go to rehab was a tough one at the time. I was scheduled to visit family in the Caribbean but had relapsed weeks prior and life was becoming impossible. Three days before my flight I reached out for help. I knew deep inside if I didn't get help soon I would get caught, continue hurting the ones I loved, or God forbid harm someone! I went to treatment instead of a payed vacation and odd as this may sound, it was the best decision I made. Over a year and half later I am still clean and sober, I am back to work, and happier than I have been in years. Most importantly, I have a relationship with my family and they trust me again. Parkdale not only helped me re-enter the profession, but gave me the individual attention I needed to regain confidence and trust in myself. A side note, because of substance abuse I developed depression/anxiety. The clinicians treated this with cognitive and pharmacological therapy.

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