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Rosecrance Inc Griffin Williamson Adol Campus offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Rockford, IL

Rosecrance Inc Griffin Williamson Adol Campus is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Rosecrance Inc Griffin Williamson Adol Campus, you may contact their Rockford offices via phone at 815-391-1000.

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Lori Dettloff

2019-11-16 15:07:37 via Google

Our experience here was AMAZING, this place saved our son's life & helped him realize his potential. His case manager, Monica was incredible to work with, she helped him to learn how to help himself in recovery. They also have co-occuring addiction and mental health treatment which is absolutely necessary for good outcomes. The family weekend was extremely well-done and helped us to kickstart our family's healing. He stepped down into sober living which is helping him to learn how to live on his own & continue recovery.


2019-07-27 05:24:28 via Google

I was at this place for a month or more. The food was pretty decent, the beds suck so I just pushed 2 couches together and slept on that, and the staff aren’t the most understanding. For example there was another kid that showed up and for some reason didn’t like me. He ripped up my drawing and I lost it with him. They wanted me to be kicked out for something I didn’t do but eventually they got the same story from everybody else. He was kicked out and all was good. Also if ur child is there don’t be upset if they seem aggravated when u visit, when ur there the smallest things get u mad. And shoutout to the nice little Mexican lady that gave me extra food. Also spiritual Bill, he’s pretty cool too.

Burr Manchu

2018-12-23 07:57:36 via Google

Looks like a million dollar retreat on the outside. A basic facility on the inside. This is just like any other program, in that IF YOU WANT TO CHANGE THEY CAN HELP YOU. It's not ghetto or terrible in any way. The staff for the most part really does care. There are a LOT worse places. This is 100% the best place in Illinois. Hands down. The other reviews where people are basically b*tching that their kids got kicked out? Yes, if your kid is stopping other kids from getting better, there's a zero tolerance policy. This place is for people who want to better themselves. It's not a mental health facility to fix terribly broken individuals' minds. It can however give them the tools to stay off of drugs and function in society. That's it. Take it or leave it. The counselors care. The family visitations and weekend are helpful, professional, and make everyone feel like they're not alone. Like I said, bottom line, if you can be helped by going ANYWHERE, it's probably here. If you're beyond help? Don't complain that a miracle didn't happen. People are responsible for themselves, and this place is not a child prison. It's a rehab facility. The staff is not going to make sure little Timmy is perfect 24 hours a day and punish him if he's not. That's not part of the program.

mike wilson

2019-06-29 17:02:33 via Google

not good with communication , but nice building and programs but not every one can attend regular meetings when they live so far away and have kids and work . they should work with the parents better.


2019-05-31 20:28:04 via Google

I sent my 13 yr old daughter there and she stayed for 47 days. The facilities were nice, I have no complaints on the level of communication received around my daughters care and I strongly feel this could be a good option for families if their child is struggling with addiction, self harm, or suicidal ideation and they are running out of local options. That said, I would NOT recommend this facility if your child is suffering from a more severe psychological problem. I don't feel they are equipped to handle situations where borderline personality, schizophrenia, or psychosis need to be addressed and/or diagnosed. My daughter never complained of the food or anyone bullying her however she was still able to self injure herself while in their care and my concerns with her behaviors getting worse never seemed to be addressed. Towards the end, I felt her primary therapist was more interested in getting rid of a mother who insisted upon strongly advocating for her child than actually taking a clinical look at the child and how she was presenting. Also, we were led to believe that Rosecrance was a long term residential facility - that is NOT true. 30-45 days tops

Mikita P.

2015-05-23 09:19:57 via Yelp

Love this place, of course I went willingly. Most of the girls I went with didn't stay clean due to the fact that they were forced to be there and didn't...

Cheryl D.

2020-02-29 19:16:06 via Yelp

I cannot say enough positive things about Rosecrance. When my own son was suffering with a severe addiction to crack and heroine, the outpatient hospital...

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