Compass Addiction Trt Center LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Northbrook, IL

Compass Addiction Trt Center LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Compass Addiction Trt Center LLC , you may contact their Northbrook offices via phone at 224-306-1879.

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Drawing Planet

2019-03-18 15:23:45 via Google

I can't thank the staff at the program enough for their work with my son! We had an absolutely wonderful experience after about a year of struggling to find the right providers for him. He loved attending the program and is so much better for his time there.

john boyke

2019-03-04 20:18:00 via Google

The entire staff at Compass Health Center in Northbrook is OUTSTANDING!!! The front office staff, the group therapists, my adult therapist, my family therapist, my psychiatric nurse practitioner & my resource therapist were all professional, energetic, compassionate & always had happy smiling faces which illustrated their total commitment to me as I work through various issues in my life. I’m extremely grateful for the experience & the relationships I developed with each of them. I will fondly remember each of them as they assisted me with the physical & mental issues I faced by investing their time, effort, research, advice & direction they provided during our weekly meetings. I strongly recommend anyone who needs assistance to contact Compass Health Center. I don't believe you'll be disappointed with the care they provide & the many skills you will learn that will improve the quality of your life.

Mindy Ingersoll

2019-07-02 14:54:45 via Google

The Child Dysregulated team taught my son a lot of great CBT and DBT skills to help him cope and the program allowed him the time to get regulated to reentry into his regular routine of activities. I felt that we were supported by a great team of a family therapist, the assistant director, and the psychiatrist that truly listened to our concerned and helped us identify more about his ADHD and anxiety. They also taught as a family how to incorporate the skills at home. From the time we walked into Compass, the administrative staff, insurance coordinator, etc were extremely compassionate and helpful.

Renée P.

2020-01-04 16:29:48 via Yelp

It is very chaotic and it feels like too many cooks in the kitchen ruining the dish. There's not a lot of clear communication with the treatment team. This...

John D.

2019-04-20 17:04:27 via Yelp

Compass was amazing for us and our grade schooler. I've read the negative reviews - can't speak to the teen/adolescent program or referrals highlighted in...

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