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Riverwalk Counseling Center Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Naperville, IL

Riverwalk Counseling Center Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Riverwalk Counseling Center Inc , you may contact their Naperville offices via phone at 630-848-0445.

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Jennifer Mountainside

2014-03-25 13:57:17 via Google

Char Scott and the counseling staff at Passages are best-in-class, hands down. They are compassionate, highly skilled professionals who have gone above and beyond to help my clients get into the treatment center that is the best fit for them. They have provided stellar after care treatment as well. When intervention is required, they take the time to ensure the highest level of care, discretion and professionalism in making sure all clients and families are well taken care of from the initial intake call to the successful completion of treatment and aftercare.

Kristin Greske

2018-01-08 22:01:31 via Google


2017-04-12 18:28:14 via Google

Charlene Scott

2017-04-12 18:46:40 via Google

Virginia O.

2015-12-31 14:20:20 via Yelp

I had an 11 am appointment with a Riverwalk counselor. I waited until 11:10, then walked out. This was my second visit , I waited 10 minutes the first time...

Dave A.

2014-08-05 10:50:23 via Yelp

Where do I begin? Passages Counseling was more than a weekly session with a therapist. My therapist, Char Scott, helped guide me through some very difficult...

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