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Banyan Treatment Center Chicago LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Naperville, IL

Banyan Treatment Center Chicago LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Banyan Treatment Center Chicago LLC , you may contact their Naperville offices via phone at 630-333-9912.

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Kyle Shaughnessy

2019-08-20 16:07:52 via Google

Banyan has made a huge difference in my life. It is a very unique place, they do a great job at transitioning you into going back home and getting you into a healthy routine. The facilities are in a great place and the staff is the best around. One of the only places in the area that truly care about the patients. I would highly recommend Banyan to anyone who is looking for help.

Kate Anderson

2019-05-06 19:46:11 via Google

It is extremely difficult for parents of a recovering addict to be kept out of the loop if your addict chooses to do this. You are paying for the treatment but cannot receive any information unless your child allows it. I am aware that HIPPA governs this. Thank God for Paige. She got in touch with my son's father and me. Not only did she offer incredible emotional verbal support, she sent information and support meetings to attend. Paige gave generously of her time. I would call her on weekends and never felt like I was intruding. Paige gets 5 stars from me. My son's intake process was very encouraging and welcoming. I believe I have Jessica to thank for her patience and knowledge through the initial stages of acceptance. I so appreciate the dual diagnosis which, I believe, gave us greater insight into his addiction. My son felt a "closeness" to the psychiatrist through Banyan and wants to continue to see him even though it would be about a 30 minute train ride. His counselor was able to get him into a sober living home where he currently is residing. With a watchful eye over his medication he might be on the path to recovery. Thank you Banyan.

JRod Fan

2019-07-29 20:01:38 via Google

These people save lives!!! I was about to end it all and the people there got me on a plane from Houston to Chicago in less than 10 hours, picked me up in Chicago, and proceeded to save my life!! I am forever in debt to these people. If you need help or you know someone who needs help I highly recommend Banyan Chicago-Naperville, very clean, organized, they work with you on the financial part, but their true honest intent is to help people live a better life that’s it. Thank You Again!!! Kent Wohlrabe is an amazing man!!!

daisy christian

2019-03-14 02:13:45 via Google

Banyan is amazing.. I have been home almost 3 weeks and I can not tell you how eternally grateful I am for them.. The staff was all great. They gave me the knowledge and tools I needed to for when I got home.. I feel like without them I would have been lost. I worked on myself so much with the help of staff. They taught me structure and responsibility.. I learned to stop and listen.. All things I need in my recovery. I would recommend Banyan to everyone. Going strong on 50 days. Love ya all

Tierney S.

2016-12-13 10:22:20 via Yelp

Banyan truly cares for their patients with customized care plans to address the individual's needs. The clinicians are amazing and are passionate about...

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