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Holistic Science Pain Clinic LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Joliet, IL

Holistic Science Pain Clinic LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Holistic Science Pain Clinic LLC , you may contact their Joliet offices via phone at 815-725-7200.

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David Stanton

2019-11-26 17:43:07 via Google

I have been seeing Dr. Cheema for about two years for chronic pain. He is not like past doctors who just write scripts and push you out the door. He takes his time and carefully treats me. You can tell he genuinely cares about me and my health. Same goes for the Physical Therapy! Very Interactive!

Rick Motta

2019-10-02 19:16:04 via Google

I came to Dr Cheema on the recommendation of my primary care Dr. He has helped me a lot. He offers all types of treatments. I have tried the shots he told me about and they have helped me along with medications. His office staff is very nice and he keeps his appointments on time.

Cordero Ducksworth

2019-10-09 18:57:18 via Google

I had my first injection in my upper neck from Dr Sheema. After a couple of daysmy headaches are gone. My injection was in the first week of September. I recommend this kind of treatments for pain and headaches. Cordero Ducksworth

Tricia Bavone

2019-09-12 20:06:44 via Google

I highly recommend Dr. Cheema for anyone dealing with chronic pain. I have spinal and cervical Stenosis as well as Osteoarthritis Of Spine And Cervical With Radiculopathy . I also have 4 herniated disc in my lower back and 2 in my neck, I had a 4 level fusion 9 months ago and found Dr. Cheema from a google review after being frustrated and living in chronic pain and becoming depressed that the pain was taking over my life and causing me not to be able to do things I normally could do. Dr. Cheema doesn’t just pass medication he finds other ways to help you from recommending Physical therepy as well as doing spinal injections well as helping me to get a back brace. When I first started coming to Dr Cheema I could barely walk and after he did a few injections in my back I was able to work out and walk and make it through a work shift with out crying in pain or even missing a day of work due to the pain and muscle spasms. Not only is Dr Cheema friendly and compassionate and listens to what I have to say and the staff is amazing!! They know my name when I walk in the door, they always acknowledge me and I am not just a number they truly care about their patients!! From the receptionist Joanna to the young man who takes my blood pressure Axel and Cassie who does the urine testing! They truly are a amazing staff ! Don’t let pain ruin your life you Dr Cheema will definitely help you get you to where you can walk again or even get out the house or work out again .For me the pain injections has really helped me , it’s not just about medication he truly helps with so much more! Dr Cheema even helped me with my Intermittent fmla paper work !! Don’t hesitate to make a appointment you will not regret it! It has been the best decision I ever made ! A did go to another pain management docter and all they wanted to do was put me on different medication that didn’t work and caused worst side effects ! Thank you Dr Cheema and staff for all you have done for me!!

Jaki Maye

2019-08-23 13:21:25 via Google

Dr. Cheema listens, evaluates and then prescribes. He recommended PT together with medication. No weird procedures or excessive amounts of meds here. He wants you to have a good quality of life and it's refreshing to find a doctor who cares more about the patient than making money from weird procedures (manditory stem cell injection or scrapping arthritis from your spine in the back room). He does not over prescribe which is great because I plan on living to be 100 and cannot imagine doing 20 or 30 pain pills a day by then. Thanks Doc for being here for me.

Michelle P.

2015-01-08 12:23:05 via Yelp

I opted for a more holistic approach to my pain management and Dr. Cheema understood exactly what I needed. I felt 50% better after my first acupressure...

Kay B.

2014-07-02 13:30:21 via Yelp

Dr. Cheema is a wonderful doctor who really cares about you. I was looking for a doctor to help me control my pain from arthritis without just giving me...

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