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Transitional Alternative Reentry Initiative Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Elgin, IL

Transitional Alternative Reentry Initiative Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Transitional Alternative Reentry Initiative Inc, you may contact their Elgin offices via phone at 630-264-0700.

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Brett Bachus

2019-07-03 05:20:31 via Google

You should have no reservations about using Transitional Alternatives. I used them to complete two different assessments and was treated with respect the entire time. Additionally, the services provided were done professionally and honestly. Any and all questions I had were promptly answered in person and if needed over the phone. Thankful that this chapter is over and that I chose to use Transitional Alternatives for my assessments. Highly recommended treatment provider.

Denise Longmire

2019-06-15 20:47:41 via Google

I highly recommend Transitional Alternatives, Inc. I was given a list of several places to contact for services, which I contacted every one and was not satisfied at all with the initial phone contact. They were all very quick at trying to get off the phone and not at all interested in your current situation, but we're very quick to let you know their fee is from 195.00 and up depending on your circumstance. Transitional Alternatives, Inc., employee was very compassionate in reference to my situation. He asked me to give him some information about my situation, listened to what I was saying without interruption, he then advised me of their procedures and if I chose to use their services, what documents I would need to obtain and bring with to the appointment. He then explained the initial fee which was the best and lowest initial fee out of all the places I contacted. At my appointment I was greeted immediately in a very kind and compassionate manner. You are not just a number. The staff here goes above and beyond to assist you and make you very comfortable. Recommend Transitional Alternatives, Inc., above all else.

Dawn Milum

2019-10-11 01:01:27 via Google

All the staff there was so polite and professional and very helpful. The building was not hard to find and when you walked in it was clean.

Cortney Pope

2019-03-08 19:28:04 via Google

Transitional Alternative - Reentry Initiative has changed my life for the better and I take the pleasure of recommending it to everyone. I’ve struggled following a DUI and selecythis center for Risk Education and treatment. It was by far an eye - opening experience. The programs were very thoughtful and clinically driven. The staff provided outstanding education, were attentive professional and genuinely cared. This was by far an extremely professional treatment center. With fair prices and payment plans as well as flexible schedules. I highly recommend this center for your treatment needs, they will change your life for the better.

james suchy

2019-01-24 22:53:38 via Google

TA is well managed and very friendly. I've attended this facility for a second DUI charge. With anxiety I put off my court ordered requirements and fell in to a well, for fear of not being able to afford it; and stressed thoughts of how much I had to do. TA not only assisted me for what I needed for court, but were there to help me personally. They worked with my odd work schedule, and were very understanding. They eased my mind with how affordable it was, and were very pleasant to visit after my required visits. I am currently doing my community service there, and enjoying the peaceful environment that they have and continue to provide for me, and all the others that attend group meetings there. They laid out my requirements in a very organized manner and the Director, Keith, provided me with EXCELLENT paper work to show the judge of my continued efforts and accomplishments. Because of TA, this nightmare of attending court for the last two years (because of my late start of going to DUI groups) is finally about to end, and I can't be thankful enough for how well they treated me there, and how they actually really care for everyone that attends. Thank you TA!

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