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Rosecrance Inc Lakeview Outpatient Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Chicago, IL

Rosecrance Inc Lakeview Outpatient Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Rosecrance Inc Lakeview Outpatient Center, you may contact their Chicago offices via phone at 815-391-1000.

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2018-01-27 16:16:43 via Google

This review is as a parent of a young adult-25 yo male resident. I cannot say enough about the support that I received personally from Executive Director, Lisa Abrams. She was supportive and responsive. Lisa went above and beyond assisting with referrals for services that my son needed. Lisa was professional and compassionate at the same time. Lisa really understands the challenges that the entire family faces when attempting to assist a loved one in the recovery process. This commitment to patient/family care flows down with Lisa’s direction as Executive Director to the whole staff at Rosecrance Lakeview. Everyone we had contact with was extremely supportive, responsive and compassionate. All things that are extremely important when dealing with family addiction. My sons situation was very complex and he needed to have more support to maintain his recovery- Lisa was available every step of the way as my son transitioned to residential treatment at Rosecrance Rockford. Without her continued commitment to assisting him, I am quite sure that he would not have gone. Lisa’s dedication to assisting those on the path of early recovery and the care that she gives to everyone involved in the family at such a difficulty time is a real gift!

Rose Gomez

2018-02-28 06:49:37 via Google

As a Psychiatrist and Addiction Medicine Specialist I rely on local programs to help my patients. Rosecrance Lakeview has become one of my favorite because of the excellent and knowledgeable staff. I receive very good feedback from my patients that are being treated there and the staff tries very hard to collaborate with me. I highly recommend it.

Salil Chander

2018-09-23 06:15:23 via Google

This place gave me a new life. Each and every staff member helped me learn how to cope with hardship and how to not get high over it. If I could live here forever I would.

Rose G.

2018-02-17 09:45:27 via Yelp

Excellent facility and staff! I am an Addiction Psychiatrist and have referred many patients there because the staff is knowledgeable, professional and very...

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