Positive Sobriety Institute LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Chicago, IL

Positive Sobriety Institute LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Positive Sobriety Institute LLC , you may contact their Chicago offices via phone at 312-642-7230.

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cory loud

2019-08-18 13:57:18 via Google

I was on the road to destruction and my psychiatrist found Positive Sobriety Institute after everything we tried failed. I almost gave up. The smart and caring counselors and doctors gave me back my dignity and helped my family too. I tried the Big treatment programs and felt like a number. This place wanted to understood my individual needs but did not let me feel too special so I could still fit in. I am forever grateful.

whistler mother

2019-08-18 13:41:15 via Google

When I read the rare negative reviews about PSI, especially when they include character assassinations, I can't help but feel sorry for the person that wrote the review. I have only "positive" experiences and statements to report. This is a one in a million program that really cares - been through enough of them to know. They hang in for the long haul too. With tons of expertise and talented staff. Wouldn't be here without these folks and this program. Keep up the tremendous work, work that is recognized nationally because there are patients there from other states.

Joe Below

2019-09-26 17:53:25 via Google

I was in drug/alcohol rehab for 6 months in 1994 and my 2nd rehab was in 2019 for 3 months at PSI. Both were excellent but the first used a gestapo chain-gang approach with excessive rules and restrictions. PSI was refreshingly open and positive, treating patients like adults. The “positive” part of the PSI name underscores the unique inclusion of positive psychology principles. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) skills are introduced over the first four weeks of treatment and are reemphasized over the next 2-4 weeks so that the depth of the information is well ingrained before the patient is reintroduced to the “real world”. Yoga, meditation and sound therapy were helpful for me. Integration of family therapy was successful due to the skill of the staff. The counselors were universally top-notch (especially mine - insert smile emoji). The educational part of the program included reviewing addiction science by the erudite Medical Director. His book and class lessons were enlightening and extremely helpful. Even if you do not select PSI for whatever reason, I would strongly recommend reading Dr. Angres' book as it encapsulates the best parts of the PSI program.

Dan H.

2016-06-06 05:07:03 via Yelp

Even though the competency of this institute is amongst the highest in the industry with success metrics that rival the best in the nation, the part that is...

James F.

2019-09-10 09:51:54 via Yelp

Excellent location, superb counselors, and unusually positive. I sobered up there and am still sober. It's not for everybody, especially those who resist...

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