Womens Treatment Center offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Chicago, IL

Womens Treatment Center is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Womens Treatment Center , you may contact their Chicago offices via phone at 312-850-0050.

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Sunny wray

2019-10-10 13:36:11 via Google

I am a counselor who had a very sick, young, homeless client that was addicted to a very high dose of Heroin. This was her last hope, I didnt think she would make it another night on the street. By the grace of God they had a bed open and took her in 2 hours after I called and got the necessary paperwork to them. There is literally no where that will take women, on MAT, no money that need help. The counselors, staff, administrators are Saints. No doubt under paid and over worked with the hardest cases. Thank you all for what you do!!!!

Nequlia Hearnes

2019-07-07 14:30:52 via Google

I really appreciate the hard work and dedication the staff put in ti help us whose in need of help they take time t ok talk and give us advice not only that they save my life and that right there says it all thank you women's treatment center (keep coming back it work if u work it)

Angel Jedlowski

2019-05-23 01:06:16 via Google

The place overall is gross. But Ms. Lordine and Ms. Wanda deserve a raise. The nurse on staff Jose is also wonderful. If you go here to get clean you’ll do it. The staff I mentioned treat you with respect.

Roberta Grove

2019-01-18 10:04:03 via Google

This place is the most welcoming and loving and supportive place I have attended. But like they say... If your not READY, obviously you will be rebellious to any and all of it... But to give a bad review is just dead wrong. AMAZING TREATMENT FACILITY IF I COULD GIVE MORE STARS I WOULD

smiley face

2018-11-11 03:12:18 via Google

Wow I’m reading these reviews like 😳 I was going there in 2006, for outpatient. I Was Greatful That I got the help I needed. I miss Larry he was the counselor. Been doing good for 11yrs Thank you 🙏🏽 Jesus. But I can say this, I never had a problem, I enjoyed the groups even though I didn’t interact in them, was quite. I had my kids taken in 2005 and got them back in 2007 because I was determined to get my kids back before they get lost in the system. So I focus on my addiction and got the help I needed. It’s not hard as we think it is, it hard when you make it hard for yourself and the staffs that’s trying to help you. Either you want it or don’t. So you have to choose, if you got kids that was taken make it better for them by getting helps do getting them back. . because the courts has no problem in taking your rights, once you loose that you have no say so over nothing. So get it together and stop blaming others for your actions. Everyone has different experiences in different places, you have to see for yourself, if that facility is not the right one for you, then go someone else, but trust me in every place there you will find a staff that’s going to give you a hard time, not because they don’t care, but because they want you to focus on you not no one else. So Blessings to all out there who’s getting help or want it. Don’t give up fight it as your fighting a disease. Good Luck

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