Midwest Treatment Center Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Chicago, IL

Midwest Treatment Center Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Midwest Treatment Center Inc , you may contact their Chicago offices via phone at 312-577-7195.

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Tequila Palmer-Jenkins

2019-02-09 02:57:57 via Google

Gotta say this is a great place, Duane was great. He's very good at his job ans enjoy soing the work he does. He's pleasant ans the classes were very informative. There was no hassle and I was super happy with the work they did. I give the 10 golden stars , they are highly recommended.

Oscar Paredes

2019-04-01 21:10:11 via Google

Thank you for your help Duane! You're a wonderful person and your services are terrific. Once again, thank you!

Joanna Reczek

2018-06-27 20:01:47 via Google

It all started once I walked in. Greeted by two lovely ladies at the front desk. I got there early. Read the newspaper and watched some TV in very comfy leather chairs. I was updated on when I would be meeting with Duane, so very professional. DUANE himself, very approachable and a very compassionate man. I would recommend him to ANYONE and EVERYONE!!! you seriously need this guy in your corner!!! Competent and professional.. thank you MIDWEST TREATMENT CENTER!!


2018-07-16 18:34:15 via Google

I needed to find an alcohol treatment center for DUI classes. After searching the internet and speaking with a variety of treatment centers, I finally came across Midwest Treatment Center. I gave them a call to just gather information before deciding and I spoke to a gentleman named Duane. He is very professional and answered all of my questions. I spoke to Duane a few times before actually committing to Midwest Treatment Center, because I like to do my due diligence before making decisions, and I wasn't sure about how this entire process worked so I wanted to take my time before deciding. I finally decided to go with Midwest Treatment Center and I couldn't have made a better decision. Duane was very professional, very flexible as far as scheduling times for the classes, and most importantly he was not judgemental. Duane is also extremely great at what he does. He is very knowledgeable about the various treatments individuals may need, and he is also very knowledgeable about the court aspect, as I was ordered by the courts to do these treatment classes, and he walked me through the entire process as far as what i need to give the courts, what i need to get my license back, etc. I also want to point out that the pricing Duane has for classes are extremely reasonable, which was another factor I used in my decision to go to Midwest Treatment Center. Lastly, I want to add that I live in Chicago, but my legal issues were in Colorado, and Duane made everything would satisfy the courts in Colorado. At the end of my classes Duane provided me with all the documentation I needed for court and everything went extremely smooth once I got to court. I hope to never see Duane again under these particular circumstances :-), but If I ever did get into another situation, I would definitely come back to Midwest Treatment Center and Duane..... I give 5 stars to Duane and this company and I want to thank you again for helping me.

brian tucker

2018-11-19 16:38:06 via Google

I was intimidated by the process at first but after meeting Mr. Sunnquist his analysis gave me a more realistic look at what i had to get done and peace of mind about the process for preparing for my hearing. As a veteran I felt great about the whole process and highly recommend their services.

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