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Accent Counseling Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Champaign, IL

Accent Counseling Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Accent Counseling Inc , you may contact their Champaign offices via phone at 217-398-8067.

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Justin Keller

2019-06-13 01:28:19 via Google

I absolutely recommend this facility to anyone looking to take a step forward from their DUI. Crystal, Karli, and Shawna are always professional, confidential, and most importantly caring. You can really tell that everyone there is dedicated to helping you move forward and truly cares about helping you through whatever problems you may be facing, DUI related or not. If you participate in the group discussions and open up to the counselors you can really take a lot away from each session, and they really help you feel not so alone through the DUI process. Even if groups aren't your thing they offer individual sessions as well, the scheduling is extremely flexible and they really put control of it in your hands. I learned so much in my short time there, and I am forever grateful to the entire staff for helping me to move forward with my life.

Nicole Dalton

2019-04-12 19:32:42 via Google

Do not go anywhere else! This is worth it!! When I first came to Accent I had a bad taste in my mouth from going to another facility in town. They helped me feel heard and that even though I made a mistake I was a good person. They are truly passionate and love their jobs and their people and it clearly shows. I learned so much in my time with them, that even though its over I will miss the group sessions and good talks we had. I have been able to forgive myself and move forward thanks to them

Sarah Kresca

2019-05-09 01:23:47 via Google

I LOVED going here.the staff is great. Groups made me feel so much better.

Jerrod Markstahler

2018-11-23 05:27:41 via Google

Accent counseling is far above any other place you can go for alcohol and/or drug counseling. Shawna and Karli truly care and want to help those that come. In my experience most are coming because they have to, as part of the penalty of DUI. Meeting both individually with these women and in the group sessions they teach you of why you are truly their and that they are there to help you. Meeting with them they are always high spirited, friendly and caring. They want to help you in all ways, returning to regular life as far as driving privileges. But, most of all living a happy not depressed and free of substance abuse life. The group meetings all are highly encouraged to participate. In this way other individuals that are going through or have gone through similar experiences help each other. Obviously I highly recommend Accent counseling.

Amy McConaha

2019-01-25 19:43:56 via Google

I highly recommend Accent Counseling. Starting the first time I step foot into Accent Counseling I felt comfortable, from the receptionist at the front desk to both Shawna and Karli. The team there are very friendly and professional. I was ordered the counseling and had to do it but instead of dreading it I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned so much from Shawna, Karli, and all the participants that were in the counseling with me. I have nothing but good wishes to Shawna, Karli, and all the great FRIENDS I met in group.

Johnathon R.

2018-01-04 12:23:45 via Yelp

The BEST place to go for Alcohol Evaluation and Counseling. I checked with several other places and they didn't have consistent group meetings and treated...

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