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Gateway Foundation Caseyville offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Caseyville, IL

Gateway Foundation Caseyville is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Gateway Foundation Caseyville, you may contact their Caseyville offices via phone at 618-345-3970 x3441.

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Seth Young

2019-07-21 15:53:18 via Google

This treatment center has changed my life. From the facilities to the staff , the Gateway Foundation has made an impact on my life. I was hopeless and I was shown a better way. All I did was try it their way and not mine. Today I am proud to say I have over a year sober and I am an active member of the AA community. Gateway laid the groundwork for a better life. I will be forever grateful. I recommend this as a better option for anyone that feels there is no way out. I continue to stay connected with the Gateway alumni program, I cannot keep it if I don’t give it away.

Timothy C.

2019-07-28 23:00:30 via Google

Gateway is heaven sent! Everyone from the counselors to the front desk workers down to the staff really does care about you! Yes, some things may get repetitive but that’s the best way to learn. People didn’t become addicts or alcoholics by using once so it does take some time to change the way one thinks. The food is great! There are plenty of activities. This place was like the Hilton compared to other rehabilitation centers that I’ve been to. There are tons of activities to partake in and the place is clean. Basically, you get out what you put into it. If you really want to be clean and sober they’ll definitely give you the tools you need but WILLINGNESS is the key that opens the toolbox.

Cole Stevenson

2019-07-28 02:59:54 via Google

Very good treatment center 👍 and they truly do have some amazing staff. Mark is AMAZING he truly cares 100%. And if you are willing to put in the work and show you want help they will put in just as much effort to help you. You have to want help. I can't thank them enough for saving my life

Clint Hamel

2019-07-22 18:53:55 via Google

SAVED MY LIFE!!! 10 years ago I had nothing. No money, no job, no prospects. My family had had enough, and I had worn out my welcome on all of my "friends" couches. I had hit bottom. I was lucky enough to get into Gateway Foundation Caseyville. I didn't know about my disease, and the staff (many of whom are still there) taught me how to live a life I could only have dreamed of. They set me up for success! I haven't asked for respect from my family but that's what I get from them now and it's because of the life I have lead for the last 10 years by what I was taught at Gateway.

Eric Owens

2019-07-25 01:33:10 via Google

gateway foundation afforded me an opportunity to create a new life for myself. the staff there was very knowledgeable and professional. i would recommend this facility to anyone who is interested in recovery.

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