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Remington Recovery Center Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Bolingbrook, IL

Remington Recovery Center Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Remington Recovery Center Inc , you may contact their Bolingbrook offices via phone at 630-243-4542.

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Andrea Lena

2019-08-16 23:29:16 via Google

Awesome team of nurses, CNA's and administrations. Love working here. Feels like family, same with our residents.

Tony Dore

2019-02-13 21:08:28 via Google

This facility has been a life saver for my family . The staff on the 3rd floor is deserving of high praise, my mother is being treated like a queen, As a family we highly recommend Meadowbrook for any family that needs special care for a loved one.

Arlicia Bonner

2019-06-20 18:28:48 via Google

This is a Great Places to Work..

Joe Durepos

2018-01-06 16:28:37 via Google

We had to discharge my mother on Christmas Eve from a local hospital , after being given 24 hours on the holiday weekend to find a rehab unit with an open bed that could accept her. We had two lists, one provided by the hospital and one provided by an employee service from work. We called facilities within a radius of our home that were close. We visited three, spoke to six, but because of the holiday weekend, it was difficult to reach admissions staff. Meadowbrook Manor in Bolingbrook didn't have a room available right away, but a guest was leaving soon. Ralph, the Meadowbrook Administrator, suggested that after visiting the other facilities we wanted to bring her there, he would fix a temporary room for her. We did end up feeling better about Meadowbrook Manor after visiting the other two facilities. We called Ralph on Christmas Eve day and he was driving the dialysis van because he didn't want to ask staff to work on Christmas Eve. He was good to his word, and got a room ready. We moved my mother during a very cold, snowy Christmas Eve night. It was the right decision, the care my mother has received is compassionate, kind professional care. The staff have been wonderful. Ralph has stayed involved, the Director of Resident Services, Erwin, has been great. They all have helped my family make the best of a difficult situation, and we are all very grateful. I read these other reviews and wonder what facility they're talking about because our experience has been five star all the way.

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