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Hina Mauka School Based/Kailua High School offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Kailua, HI

Hina Mauka School Based/Kailua High School is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Hina Mauka School Based/Kailua High School, you may contact their Kailua offices via phone at 808-236-2600 x259.

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William Lindsay

2017-09-07 04:36:02 via Google

I grew up in a military family. I attended three different high schools. Kialua High School was the best. I attended from September 1968 to December 1969 while my father was on tour in Vietnam. Then, the high school was setup like a college. Each mod (module) was 20 minutes. You had one-mod classes (small group) for English and History where we often talked about any and everything. Two-mod classes (comparable to a standard period class) for Spanish, Electronics, Social Studies, and Math. Three-mod class for Biology (to allow time for labs). Four-mod class for P.E. You would also have a two-mod or three-mod lecture for History in the cafeteria. You might have a lecture in the cafeteria in the morning and Biology in the afternoon--that was it for the day! So you could do homework in between classes if you wanted to get it done and out of the way. They also had a math resource center where you could get one-on-one homework help from teachers any time of the day. There was also a language lab to practice, in my case, Spanish. The next day might start off with an English small group class in the mid-morning followed by a Spanish class in the early afternoon and ending with Geometry in the late afternoon. Very flexible scheduling. Plus there were many choices for elective classes. I took Electronics. My brother took Photography and Horticulture. (My brother, later in life, became a world renown pin-hole photographer.)


2017-09-19 10:09:07 via Google

Finest years of my life. Filled with lifetime friends.. (Class of 77')

Monique Corbin

2017-04-26 23:32:20 via Google

I like Kailua High School because I graduated from there!!! Yes the Class of 1972😎👍

Nina Sherwood

2017-04-16 19:40:10 via Google

Grad in 1986 -- Could not be more proud of my high school!


2017-05-01 02:49:01 via Google

Great School...

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