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YMCA of Honolulu Stevenson Middle School offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Honolulu, HI

YMCA of Honolulu Stevenson Middle School is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at YMCA of Honolulu Stevenson Middle School, you may contact their Honolulu offices via phone at 808-848-2494.

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Queen Joy

2017-10-26 09:56:49 via Google

My daughter loves this school so much. That in itself says a lot because our family was going through a difficult period and she didn't like lots of things. So for her to actually say and insist she wanted to stay in this school despite the fact that we had moved out of the geographic area, said a lot about HER experience in the school. So I applaud you all at Stevenson Middle School. I too have had a lot of personal help in my family from the staff at this school. I have had teachers actually come physically to our home to check on us when the going got really tough for my family.. They actually cared enough to go out of their way to assist us to ensure my little girl was able to get to school. Whenever I had to deal with any staff, they were exceptionally kind and helpful. There was that personal touch that changes everything. Again I say thank you to the staff.

Carlo Marco Argones

2017-11-02 20:59:56 via Google

Counselors at this school are the nicest people on earth. Faculty is very friendly. This school properly preps you for the future and all of the challenges you may face up ahead. School has events that involve the whole school that are fun and enjoyable for everyone who participates. There is a place for everyone at this school. Love this school, sad to be leaving it this year.

Amy G.

2016-09-11 01:15:40 via Google

I used to go there and it was the best time of my life. The teachers were amazing and really helpful, always ready to give you advice and be there for you. Classes was fun and you learn a lot and create new experiences. There is a lot of involvement and they really plan you for high school. Thank you to all the awesome teachers and staffs there!

Landon Ujimori

2018-01-04 03:10:06 via Google

I am a 8th grader here at this school, and it is absolutely the best school i have been to. So sad to leave it.


2017-03-28 17:32:43 via Google

My son go to this school,so far its the best school in town

Kau'i N.

2018-06-24 17:44:23 via Yelp

I came here for the first time during this summer break and the facilities are well taken care of. I didn't realize how big the inside was. The staff here...

Darin O.

2014-11-16 05:01:19 via Yelp

Stevenson Middle It seems that there is a few blocked reviews and some negative comments. I have a wide teaching background. I have visited the school and...

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