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Ctr for Fam and Child Enrichment offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Miami Gardens, FL

Ctr for Fam and Child Enrichment is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Ctr for Fam and Child Enrichment , you may contact their Miami Gardens offices via phone at 305-624-7450 x1772.

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Gina Geegee

2019-12-10 23:18:14 via Google

Love Dr.Kirwan...been going to her for years for my children's care she has my child's best interest at heart.She has been caring for both my sons since birth,my oldest being 12yrs.I literally moved out of county 400miles out and refused to change their Pediatrician.I managed at the time to make sure they get their checkup and shots through her only.My kids couldnt get any better care other than her and her great staff.When she move location I followed her.


2019-06-30 14:21:58 via Google

One stop for all your family needs. Check it out, A Wellness center for the whole family no insurance no problem if you are working you can make payments. No job no problem you may be able to get a waiver.. mental health services, individuals and families can get counseling, dont no where to go to meet your court needs for reunification come by talk with us and we can help you meet the demands of your reunification. Having problems with your child/children being truant come and sit with Cin/Fins case manager Dee and or my co-workers and we can help. Dont have any place to take the kids for the summer cone to CFCE and join our summer camp for the best services you and your families need. We are very professional and we care. Stop by or call. ThanksCFCE

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