Compass Health Systems Outpatient offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Miami, FL

Compass Health Systems Outpatient is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Compass Health Systems Outpatient, you may contact their Miami offices via phone at 305-891-0050 x2067.

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Truth Slayor

2019-10-30 01:57:02 via Google

I’m giving this place 3 stars! I guess I’m lucky my experience was not as bad as others BUT the reason why I am docking stars is because of the tanner skinned girl. Asked her some basic questions and couldn’t give me a clear response then some guy came up and was SUPER argumentative. I had to go all the way around to speak with the girl at front while in tears requesting to speak with the manager and she let me know she was currently filling in. I put in a complaint about both of the other two workers and will be following up as they need further help with EDUCATION and patient care!!!!!!!!!

Yoly Herrera

2019-10-30 01:20:26 via Google

The comment someone wrote about the “gentleman” in the office is anything but that. Straight up the rudest person I have ever met and had to deal with. He does not know anything and does not care about the patients. If you have a question, go to the manager. She wasn’t there this past month when I went in and asked for her but the girl in the front eased me by letting me know she just wasn’t in because she just had a baby and will be coming back. Thank god. If it wasn’t for her, Dr. Davis and Bobbie I wouldn’t go back. At least they know how to treat a patient and get things done the first time around and take responsibility.

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