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Comfort Recovery offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Miami, FL

Comfort Recovery is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Comfort Recovery , you may contact their Miami offices via phone at 844-804-9570.

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Oreste A. Bacigalupo

2019-07-02 23:36:38 via Google

It's a combination of all different departments of this program that were very helpful to me along the way into my new journey to a better way of life. At Clinical, Therapists put their heart into making sure to help you unlock what started it all, classes give you knowledge on your mental state, what brings you to your rock bottom or this sick cycle of addiction. Back at housing was surrounding yourself with the people who really want to get help and are not shy to sit down and share their stories with you and relate with you on different levels. Techs are down to earth so it makes it easier for you to vent what's going on with you at the moment but blunt /real enough to help you decompress and snap out of whatever you're going through at that moment. All staff genuinely want you to grow and live life on life terms and become who you were suppose to be without the use of drugs. Heidi is the Bomb! I love her to death, to see her be there for everyone. The heart she has for helping people in this fellowship and newcomers at Comfort is one of a kind! I'm grateful to have her in my life, someone you could look up to, no matter what!

Kristi F

2019-07-02 20:19:58 via Google

i love my stay here because of how much the staff helps the clients and bond with us and if anyone ever felt down we knew we could reach out. my sweet Andrea’ (spelling?) was the BEST TECH. she loves me like her own and i am forever grateful to her for being there and loving me when i struggles to love myself!

Edison Acevedo Derenzin

2019-07-02 19:56:51 via Google

Comfort recovery was the best decisions I've ever made in life ..they helped me with learning how to live sober and the therapist helped me get to the core of why I've used and helped me overcome them ...going into comfort recovery i was able to be myself again all the goals my therapist told me to write down I've already got them done ..since compleating the program I now live a healthy lifestyle and most importantly a sober one at that ..just remember one day at a time and easy does it....much love from Emily Acevedo from new Jersey

andrew snyder

2019-07-02 20:07:33 via Google

It's not just about the facility it's about the staff and clinical team and comfort has by far the most experienced and caring team I have ever met.. I highly recommend if you have any family or friends that are struggling with addiction reach out to comfort recovery... #wedorecocer

C.W. Fink

2018-10-23 21:35:40 via Google

Very organized place. Helped me through every aspect of my recovery. From getting to meetings to setting up assistance for food. The staff are amazing people, each one has their own way of pointing you in the right direction. Also the apartments are nice and clean which is a plus. Other places do not keep the rooms as organized and clean as they do at Comfort. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone who is serious in their recovery process and looking to stay sober.

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