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Care Resource Comm Health Ctrs offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Miami, FL

Care Resource Comm Health Ctrs is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Care Resource Comm Health Ctrs , you may contact their Miami offices via phone at 305-576-1234 x102.

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2019-11-06 02:07:21 via Google

I follow a friend of mine to this facility from time to time, thus, caveat, I am writing as an observer and not as a patient. Look, one has to understand that this facility is a health center and as all other facilities, that fall under the auspices of community health centers, is thereby limited in scope. Consequently, specific to Care Resource, it is set up to manage the dispensing of HIV/AIDS medications and basic preventive care, and not so much as, managing the disease and its far reaching complications. Suffice it to say, this facility is a testament that the stigma that was attached to HIV/AIDS thirty years ago, have come a long way from the back alley of the damned to the acceptance into the main stream of polite society. Putting all cons aside, the one great thing about Care Resource, is having an A+ facility to serve its patients.

Johan Sánchez Chacón

2019-10-16 06:06:03 via Google

The first time I visited Care Resource was more than 7 years ago, since then, I have been able to see how this community health center has evolved, not only because of its move to a more comfortable space, with free valet parking (tip is optional ), to provide better customer service and medical service as the case may be, all staff are identified with their ID, and always with disposition and manners to help me and cover my requirement at each visit, this includes calls , about my appointments They have an automated confirmation and reminder service by text message, which following me,when I forgot to respond. I guess that after interacting with Care Resources staff from different areas and services for years, this is why, I think to have sufficient criteria with experiences in Care to make a review and give it a 5 star rating (according to this format). I respect comments and assessment that each reviews may have, but definitely, I guess that a bad or good experience, or just one or more bad behaviors from the staff members, cannot measure excellence and not even general perception. I will continue to recommend to Care Resourse Community health Center (Miami), as an extraordinary option in everything related to health care.

Arnaldo Nunez

2019-07-22 17:32:36 via Google

I was pleasantly surprised with the attention I had in this Center. After reading the terrible reviews I was about to go somewhere else. Thank God I didn't. The staff was very professional and friendly. Particularly Rigoberto Guedes who treated me like family. Thanks a lot!!!

Shanise T.

2021-08-10 04:51:12 via Yelp

Heard a lot of complaints - I Dont have them- Lilliana Vasquez great doctor very receptive and present - works with MY BLUE SILVER - couldn't find anyone...

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