Borinquen Behavioral Health offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Miami, FL

Borinquen Behavioral Health is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Borinquen Behavioral Health , you may contact their Miami offices via phone at 305-576-1599 x3120.

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Hadeer Sinawe

2018-09-12 20:26:04 via Google

I am actually not a patient here. I am a patient next door, which is also Borinquen. My review is based on 1 star for the girl at the front desk and 5 stars for the manager, Kathia. The average of the two is 3 stars. I am appalled by what happened today. I called the phone number ending in 1599 which was answered almost immediately. I asked a question to the front desk attendant who answered my phone. It was a female with an obvious Spanish accent who wanted to transfer me as soon as possible. She transferred me to a phone that was non-operational. I called again. This time, instead of an immediate answer, I heard the ringer go on for about 2 minutes. Once it seemed like it was picked up, I was actually hung up on. This happened twice more. Unluckily for the front desk attendant, I decided to leave my home (which is only 4 blocks away) and walk to the clinic. On my way, I called twice more and was hung up on again. Finally, I reached my clinic (the correct one), and I called in front of the employees there. The phone was answered, I asked for the person's name, and I was hung up on. I asked the staff at my doctor's office if they know who the manager is, they told me Kathia. I went next door. A security guard was sitting on one side, and the front desk had about 5 staff members standing there. A woman standing with a smile asks "how can I help you?" and I respond "Hi, I'd like to speak to Kathy" and she said "yes, that's me." I explained to her the whole situation, how I work in healthcare, and how it is unequivocally unfair that a phone isn't answered especially in a behavioral health clinic where many patients don't have the luxury of coming to the clinic within minutes to complain. Kathia said "that's not us, because we are Borinquen" with a sense of pride. I truly appreciate that comment from her. The manager Kathia was mortified. I called once more in front of everyone. The phone, lo and behold, rang at the front desk. The female attendant was sitting there, unsure of her next move. She slowly wrote down the phone number (my number on caller ID) that showed up, at Kathia's request. Quickly, I made sure to give my full name and phone number myself to Kathia in the event that my phone number was misspelled intentionally by the obvious culprit. Kathia promised that she would call the IT department to find out more about this disgusting situation. I don't believe someone like the girl at the front desk should be the first impression a medical clinic gets, especially in behavioral health. It shows me how much respect is afforded to their patients. The level of disrespect and lack of dignity is horrifying, especially given that these patients are the most vulnerable in society. To see someone behave in this manner is beyond me. If you work in this vocation, you should know how much extra care you should give to people than the average job. I am truly disappointed this was my impression of this clinic. I just hope that patients are cared for with respect and that a clinic can stay afloat with employees like this.

Adolfo Frances

2019-11-08 01:09:16 via Google

Excelente trabajo del personal y médicos

Emy Miranda

2019-10-15 11:59:34 via Google

Riccardo Bailey

2019-05-10 14:00:27 via Google

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