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West Miami CMHC Inc offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Miami, FL

West Miami CMHC Inc is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at West Miami CMHC Inc , you may contact their Miami offices via phone at 305-262-0099.

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Dani Alzate

2019-07-19 13:59:56 via Google

I’ve been to many doctors and this staff is incredible. I’ve been to other places and the receptionists have triggered me and been awful but everyone here is really amazing and my doctor has helped me a lot already. I’m so glad I found them. Totally recommend!

Matt Nickel

2019-05-26 16:31:56 via Google

Great staff just not always flowing. Feel they just want my money not to help. Especially my counselor Michelle. Shes nice but i should of been done couple weeks ago or more. Being taught things ive known my whole life but now must pay 60$ a week because i chose to not have a child put on the stand to testify. Broward county is a joke in Florida. Might as well be the ugly ball sack that is the male member Florida looks like

Natalie Perez

2019-06-07 14:56:15 via Google

Love my therapist so far Cynthia. She’s lovely.

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