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Second Chance Detox LLC Compass Detox LLC offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Hollywood, FL

Second Chance Detox LLC Compass Detox LLC is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Second Chance Detox LLC Compass Detox LLC, you may contact their Hollywood offices via phone at 954-505-5550.

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Daniel Schorr

2018-10-25 14:40:55 via Google

Compass Detox is an amazing place. I have been to a total of about 12-13 other treatment facilities around and each taught me something but eventually I ended up back out on the streets using. When I arrived at Compass I immediately felt something that I hadn't in the others facilities I had been to. The staff were all very comforting and understanding. They treated me like I was family. They were reassuring with their own experiences and knowledge of the disease. They never spoke down to me or at me, always spoke to me and gave me time to ask questions and listened to me at 3 am while I was sick and couldn't sleep. The groups gave me time to reflect on who I was and what my addiction did to my mind, body, and spirit. It also gave me a new outlook on how I treated people around me that I loved and cared for. I wanted something different for my life and Compass did that for me. I was never able to say I actually want to stay clean. But through help from the staff, groups, One on One sessions with your counselor, along with all the benefits that the facility offers I was able to finally know who I am and work on my character defects in a healthy way and not run from them. They gave me a new look at the 12-steps and helped me be more open-minded about it. I was well taken care of after treatment and still was able to keep in touch with the same staff that gave me the ability to have a better life.

Alban Avdyli

2019-03-26 16:37:56 via Google

I must say my stay there was an experience I’ve never had before. The staff and even the clients were welcoming and the comfortability was amazing. The service they provide is extrordinary. For anyone looking to get clean and start their future, I highly recommend compass detox. Change your life and make the call now

Steven Mayes

2018-12-19 17:49:45 via Google

I got out of Compass Detox about a month ago where i went thru the detox and residential program they offer, and let me tell you... i was SO impressed with every aspect of the whole entire process. I'll break it down for you, when I first reached out, I forget the guys name, but someone spoke me through the hard time I was going through with my divorce, and made sure that treatment with the proper aftercare was set up for me. Compass also helped me to learn the importance of living in healthy lifestyle which included taking care of the mind, body, and spirit. Compass gave me my life back. Everything there was great, from the doctor, nurses, the therapists, and techs. I had been to treatment once before this, and honestly it was no where as upscale of luxurious as Compass was and I could not begin to tell you how much the compass detox family assisted in my detox and residential stay. I love this place and would definitely recommend it to any struggling and looking for a way out.

Debra W

2018-03-06 23:41:11 via Google

Great place, honestly i had a great experience while i was there, they would listen and try to help you with the best intentions. Facility its well kept clean and really comfortable. I highly recommend this facility if I could give more starts i definitely would.

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