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Memorial Regional Hospital SHARE Program offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Hollywood, FL

Memorial Regional Hospital SHARE Program is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Memorial Regional Hospital SHARE Program, you may contact their Hollywood offices via phone at 954-276-3400.

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iris men

2019-09-20 16:34:37 via Google

They are all nice and they help you and they have activities like panting and craft and a whole lot more and every Friday they got bingo and everything is free

Romulo Chavez

2019-01-31 12:51:02 via Google

I have been there before but my insurance changed tried banyan😢😷and family care and others going back with new insurance and expectations are high due to previous experiences they're extremely caring and everyone gets attention at their turn patience is a virtue thanks to them went back to college and got my AA in IT but unfortunately i ripped my rotator cuff and bicep tendon when picking up my heavy book bad and surgery was denied due to chronic copd i need the support to return after a year hope all goes well GOOG LUCK EVERYONE GIVE IT A CHANCE😺😺🐝🐬🐬😎

Nada Dakroub

2018-10-05 14:23:20 via Google

The most caring place I've been. I met the most awesome therapists. Each and every employee there really really cares.

Laid back Bird lover

2019-02-26 02:22:28 via Google

Great place, great people. Tall john


2018-09-14 14:08:25 via Google

I Would give them 5 stars except I hate that no matter how early or on time you are, they still make you wait beyond your scheduled appointment time. My son's been a patient there a while and I honestly don't think he's EVER been called in on time. They're ALWAYS running behind schedule and you have no choice but to wait. But don't uppit ever get the late, they're not as understanding as you have to be with them. So far, of the providers my son has seen, none are doctors. They have PA's and other skilled staff but we haven't had the benefit of seeing an actual Dr. there. Just thought I'd put that out there because I know many patients would much rather see an actual Dr. so it's worth mentioning.

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