Banyan Boca Raton offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Boca Raton, FL

Banyan Boca Raton is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at Banyan Boca Raton , you may contact their Boca Raton offices via phone at 888-231-4037.

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Barbara Olivier

2019-09-23 16:28:00 via Google

Great facility with amazing techs. Everyone is very kind and knowledgeable. Put in the work, and you get the results!! I would recommend this place to everyone I know.

Erica M

2019-09-26 17:15:10 via Google

By far one of the best detox facilities in South florida

Ditty Butera

2019-07-24 02:27:00 via Google

After 35 years of attending the best treatment centers in this country, some as long as a year impatient, to Hazleton treatment center in Center City Minnesota , in and out of active addiction and destruction. Then I found Banyan Treatment Center. They nursed me back to health and lead me all to way to complete surrender. The staff is top notch and continues to check on me via the outstanding Alumni Program!! The continued connection has been invaluable towards my remaining the course. Their variety of programming has also been what’s lead to my total commitment to Recovery. They offer multiple approaches to recovery, for those with diverse belief systems. Tailored treatment plans are their specialty. Can’t say enough about the folks of whom saved my life!!!! Thanks Banyan!!!! Richard Butera

Jacob Boettcher

2019-06-07 01:37:16 via Google

Banyan saved my life. Gave me a second chance at this thing called life. Thank you banyan. You guys deserve to be recognized.

Paul C.

2019-07-19 14:06:37 via Yelp

Banyan Boca is an amazing place with fantastic caring staff. i have stopped in on occasion and see lives change before my eyes. i would recommend any of my...

Sherry T.

2017-10-17 07:39:56 via Yelp

Excellent, staff is available and willing to help at all times. With quality care exhibited in every aspect of service. I was a client at this treatment...

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