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New Beginnings Recovery Center (NBRC) offers Substance Abuse Treatment services in Littleton, CO

New Beginnings Recovery Center (NBRC) is categorized as a Substance Abuse treatment facility, but may provide additional health care support.

For detailed questions about the health care provider at New Beginnings Recovery Center (NBRC), you may contact their Littleton offices via phone at 720-473-7106.

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Marjorie Lane

2019-10-03 20:54:45 via Google

Gratitude is the only word I can come up with at this moment. My son has been through 3 other rehabs. New Beginnings is unique. They have created a supportive, loving, spiritual community where people feel that they can be forgiven for their past mistakes and really learn to love themselves and each other. As we all know in loving an addict, we take it one day at a time. I don't know what the future will hold for him, but right now, his transformation has been nothing short of a miracle. He wants to be clean. For the first time in his life he said, "I actually love myself." I was never a church goer, but I go with him to the New Beginnings Church service every Sunday. I look around and cry for "lost souls" that have been "found." Mary and her staff are not in it for the money- they are there for each and every person who walks through the doors- and... keeps coming back to help others. I am truly grateful!

David S

2019-09-22 22:55:50 via Google

Absolutely the best! The staff is great, helpful friendly and extremely knowledgeable. The care is top notch with cutting edge technology. Not to mention the five star food, this place is amazing and has saved my life when I thought it was hopeless they gave me hope. It is faith based and a loving caring environment that I was welcomed with open arms even though I was in really rough shape. The owner really cares and is very much hands on, which is just one of the reasons this place works so well. Thanks Marry, you are Amazing!

Pam Laatsch

2019-10-26 04:02:22 via Google

Mary and her team are amazing! She, they, truly are sincere with the care they provided and continue to provide for our daughter. They walk the walk! We are very grateful for all they are doing for our daughter. She has a long way to go but she and we have hope with New Beginnings and Mary's Hope. An amazing place.

Richard Moore

2019-06-20 20:16:26 via Google

Excellent experience!! I am only 2 weeks away from my first year sober. The staff was welcoming and truly concerned for my wellbeing/sobriety. We had a well balanced schedule with group time, individual counseling sessions, exercise and free time. The Lens, Beamer, Biomat and Acoustic treatments are amazing. I had a couple of medical needs while I was there and they were immediately taken care of by communicating with my personal physician and the clinic that is on site. The food was outstanding! I have a gluten allergy and the cooks went out of their way to prepare food for me. I highly recommend New Beginnings. But they can only do so much to help you…you have to humble yourself and do the work each day. One day at a time!

Amber O'Neal

2019-01-29 03:43:33 via Google

Man I remember when Mary called me and I asked her if I needed to bring a deposit and she said no!! Nver in my life has anyone genuinely wanted to help me with out expecting anything in return besides just wanting to see me succeed I have always had to work for everything I have and Mary let me be there with out hesitation and I have been truly blessed I am so lucky to have gotten to come to a sober living home after I completed the NBRC program THANK YOU MARY!! the staff is also awesome truly amazing people!!!! I can honestly say I am a RECOVERED addict!!!

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